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Working in tandem with a variety of influencers, Luxury Travel Hackers provides curated vacations that customers can purchase directly through social media.

Founders Icon Founder(s): Gary Kohn, Katie Warner
Founded in Icon Founded In: 2019
Industry Icon Industry: Travel
Location Icon Location: Los Angeles, California
Phone Icon Phone Number: (310) 692-1503

Interview With Gary Kohn

Describe your product or service.

We shoot and re-purpose travel content with influencers and make vacations bookable via social media/

Describe your company culture in 3 words.

Fun, easy-going and hard working

What are you ultimately hoping to achieve with your business?

Share amazing travel with the world and large exit

How are you funded?

Self and angel investors

How big is your team?


Tell us about your team.

Leaders and experts with many years of experience in each area we work on...Travel, content, production, influence, marketing, scaling and mergers and acquisitions.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I don't know, I think I might be crazy! haha

How did you come up with your startup idea?

I was fascinated with how tech and content where coming together into scalable business models and my love for travel. I did 2-3 years of R&D and it just became so clear there was a white space no one was paying attention to.

How did you come up with your company name? Did you have other names you considered?

We went through tons of names. We do luxury travel so that part seemed easy enough to incorporate but hackers was a name I thought was interesting and had enough various meanings that it wasn't specific. Hacking to us is about finding a new way and how do we re-invent luxury for a new generation of travelers.

What is something that makes your company unique?

We leverage content and influence for travel booking and turn followers into customers.

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What is the greatest challenge you faced in starting your business, and how did you overcome it?

Never quitting and I overcame it by...never quitting!

Is this your first business? If not, how did your experiences with past businesses influence your decision to start this new business?

This is my first business as the CEO and founder.

Who is your product or service made for?

all travelers but mainly Millennials.

What's your marketing strategy?

Influencer partnerships

How did you acquire your first 100 customers?

Content and influencer marketing.

What are the key customer metrics / unit economics / KPIs you pay attention to to monitor the health of your business?

We are pre-launch so we don't have a ton of metrics

How has your approach to managing your business changed from when you started to now?

I've had to take time for myself and realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

What’s the #1 resource you rely on for success?

A grounded emotional state and spiritual path

If you could go back in time and change anything about your entrepreneurial journey, would you?


What is the biggest lesson you learned during your journey?

Be more patient

Who is your support system?

My Advisors

What motivates you?

My drive to accomplish

Did you have to develop any habits that helped lead you to success?

I've spent the last 30 years developing them, haha

How do you define success?

Never quitting

What are you most proud of as an entrepreneur?

Never quitting

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don't do it unless you absolutely have to and are so pulled to it that is doesn't make sense to do anything else.


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