5 Insights From Shri Lildharrie, Founder of Travel Startup LOVU

Shri Lildharrie, founder of LOVU.

Being an entrepreneur teaches even the most business-savvy individual a lesson or two. When we had the privilege of interviewing Shri Lildharrie, founder of the new romantic travel app startup LOVU, he shared some invaluable insights from his time in the startup world. These are the top insights from Shri Lildharrie, founder of LOVU.

1. Prepare the Best You Can Before Starting a Business

“Have a solid business plan and be prepared for financial challenges.”

2. Use Your Experiences to Find Market Gaps to Fill

“While working at the world's leading wedding planning website TheKnot.com, I learned about all the hard work and planning involved in every detail of a couple's wedding. The honeymoon is no different. Couples spend countless hours researching and planning. Online travel sites are not helping these consumers, and finding a qualified travel expert is also difficult for consumers. I saw a gap in the travel industry, and I am filling it with LOVU.”

3. Startup Experience Is Invaluable

“LOVU is not my first business. My experience with past companies taught me a lot about what works and does not work. My experiences also provided me with confidence and knowledge that all play a role in executing my business plan and revenue model.”

4. Identify Your Customers and Work to Serve Their Needs

“No one owns romance travel. No one is offering a solution that's helping make the romantic travel industry simpler for everyone involved. This segment of the travel industry is fair game, and all players underserve[d] it. We devote everything we do to couples; they are the heart and soul of our business.”

5. Find What Motivates You and Use It

“I am driven by innovation and being the first to develop or do something that others say cannot be done.”

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