5 Ways to Support Sustainable Startup Grow a Wish

Bee on flower.

If you love Grow a Wish’s business model and want to support them, you’re in luck — here are several ways to support startups that are easy and oftentimes free! We have developed this list of five creative and impactful ways to support sustainable greeting card startup Grow a Wish.

1. Follow Grow a Wish on Instagram

One of the best ways to engage with any business is to follow and engage with them on social media platforms such as Grow a Wish’s Instagram.

Engaging with startups and companies you like on social media platforms helps to boost their engagement and, therefore, expose them to a bigger customer base virtually.

2. Visit the Grow a Wish Website

Visit the Grow a Wish website and learn more about the brand, keep updated on exciting products, and order “Growingcards” of your own to give to loved ones for any occasion.

3. Share the Grow a Wish Story

Grow a Wish’s story is sure to pique the interest of anyone who cares about sustainability, charitable causes, or simply enjoys a clever idea! Not only does this spread brand awareness, but it will also help further Grow a Wish’s mission of sustainability.

4. Connect Grow a Wish With a Store Near You

Want to see Grow a Wish “Growingcards” near you? Connect the startup with a local store near you and help Grow a Wish expand!

5. Become a Wishgrower

Love Grow a Wish’s efforts to make wishes come true? Become a Wishgrower and contribute your time, resources, or anything you can to help make a wish come true for someone in need. 

To learn more about becoming a Wishgrower, visit the sign-up page on the Grow a Wish website.

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