5 Ways to Support Chef Avenue

Cooking with Omnipan book by Semma Shenoy.

If you love Chef Avenue’s business model and want to support them, you’re in luck. There are several ways to support startups that are easy and oftentimes free! We have developed this list of five creative and impactful ways to support cookware startup Chef Avenue.

1. Follow Chef Avenue on Social Media

One of the best ways to engage with any business is to follow and engage with them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Engaging with startups and companies you like on social media platforms helps to boost their engagement and, therefore, expose them to a bigger customer base virtually.

2. Pre-Order the Omnipan

Chef Avenue’s first product, the Omnipan, is available for pre-order on the startup’s Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. By pre-ordering your Omnipan now, you can help support the company and get their innovative cookware at the lowest price it will be offered before hitting major retailers and ecommerce sites.

3. Sign Up for Chef Avenue’s Email Newsletter

Sign up to receive updates on Chef Avenue’s launch and more by joining their email list to receive their newsletter.

4. Spread the Word

If you have a cook or food lover in your life that might find the Omnipan useful or simply be interested in Chef Avenue’s mission, spread the word! Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to support any company; better yet, it’s totally free.

5. Try Out One of the Chef Avenue Recipes

Chef Avenue has a variety of recipes on their website that you can try out at home with or without the Omnipan! 

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