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Bolster is a SaaS platform that helps startups hire executives, senior staff, and board members well-suited to their company. 

Founder(s): Matt Blumberg

Industry: Software (SaaS)

Founded in: 2020

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Interview With Matt Blumberg

What is your role or function within the startup ecosystem?

“I’m in it as a multi-time founder, frequent advisor/mentor/board member, Bolster serves the startup ecosystem in its core business, I run Bolster Ventures (early stage fund), I write the blog as well as three books for startups – Startup CEO, Startup CXO, and Startup Boards.”

How did you start working within the startup ecosystem?

“Worked at a VC in 1994-1995 with a focus on software/early internet companies. Got hired in 1995 to help a small cap public company, MovieFone, figure out what the internet was.  Been working in and with startups since then.”

What sectors are of interest to you and your company?

“SaaS, Marketplaces…but really everything!”

Are you an entrepreneur or have you been one? If so, please tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

“MovieFone, 1995-1999 – started as product manager of fledgling internet product, became SVP/GM, helped sell company to AOL

Return Path, 1999-2019 – Founder/CEO from startup through exit to Providence Equity-backed roll up

Bolster, 2020-Present”

What is a common roadblock you see startup founders face?

“First-time founders/CEOs don’t know and have rarely had any kind of training in how to be a CEO.  They frequently reinvent the wheel on everything, and they don’t know how to think about scaling.”

What is your #1 piece of advice for aspiring startup founders?

“There is no “right time” to start a business.  You have to have an inspired idea and enough of the building blocks of the product/business, then dive in!”

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