Here’s How You Can Support AgTech Startup Biome Makers

Biome Makers co-founders.

If you love Biome Makers’ business model and want to support them, you’re in luck. There are several ways to support startups that are easy and oftentimes — free! We have developed this list of five creative and impactful ways to support sustainable startup Biome Makers.

1. Motivate Farmers

“Motivate farmers to start thinking about soil biology as an asset for their crop quality and yield.”

2. Value Useful Data

“Value useful data to make better decisions.”

3. Support Your Farmers

“Support farmers trying to grow and deliver food sustainably.”

4. Get Educated

“Get educated on tools. Lowering the acceptance barrier is the best way for new technologies to gain traction.”

5. Don’t Get Comfortable

“Do not get comfortable! We need to use the resources at hand in the most sustainable way; otherwise, we run the risk of burning through them too quickly.”

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