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The Origin Story of Travel Startup Baboo

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If you’ve ever asked a local for recommendations on what to do and see while traveling, Baboo, a travel startup founded by Paul Sarfaty and Rick Carassai, is a startup you should know. Their innovative business model provides users with access to a global network of locals at destinations across the world to plan the trip of their dreams.

Taking the Stress out of Trip Planning

“We are certain that booking a travel experience can be done simpler, easier, cheaper, better, and smarter.” Rick Carassai said during our written interview. “The solution we found is the combination of booking directly with selected Local In-Destination Experts who know the destination well, and who know the traveler well because they know their travel personality.” The user’s travel personality is determined by them and shared with Baboo’s network of local experts in order to craft personalized, unforgettable trips without the stress of searching for potentially unreliable experiences and activities during trip planning. 

As two well-versed travelers, the founders are familiar with the plight of travelers looking for authentic and exciting travel experiences. Rick, a former nomadic backpacker without business plans or experience, launched Baboo to create a better world for his daughter. The end result: a travel startup that is eco-friendly while still providing users with the ability to see the world through the eyes of locals. However, the concept for Baboo wasn’t developed until the COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on the travel industry, “we decided to work on something that would be the future of travel, and thus came the excitement to developing Baboo.” Carassai says, “Our desire has always been to create local, authentic, and sustainable travel experiences so travelers can experience the world, get to know more about themselves, and be more empathetic towards the world around them.”

Making Eco-Friendly Travel Possible

“[T]ravel does put a strain on Mother Earth,” Carassai says. “At Baboo, we believe that sustaining is not enough. We need to try to regenerate this beautiful planet. That is why Baboo offsets 110% of your trip's carbon footprint and brings real benefits for local communities.” In addition to this, Baboo is also a working toward becoming a Certified B Corporation, meaning it is a company that prioritizes “social and environmental performance,” balancing profit with their mission of leaving the world a better, greener place.

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