10 Best Hiring Platforms for Startups in 2024

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Many founders would agree that a strong and skilled team is essential to startup success. However, finding the right candidates to fill roles can be overwhelming at best. Fortunately, there are many options for startup hiring, from job boards to AI-powered recruiting software. If you’re looking for reliable, talented additions to your team, these are the best hiring platforms for startups in 2024.

Recommended Hiring Platform: Fiverr

Best Online Job Boards for Startups

Whether you’re looking for a software engineer or a freelance graphic designer, online job boards are the place to find qualified talent to support your company. Now, you just need to find the right one of your startup’s unique needs. We’ve got you covered with the 10 best online job boards for startups based on cost, hiring type, and functionality.

1. Fiverr

Best for: Freelance hires
Cost: $0 to post a job listing 

Freelance workers have become synonymous with the startup ecosystem. Fortunately, finding reliable freelance talent with Fiverr is simple. Whether you're looking for qualified designers, writers, or editors to help you accomplish short-term projects or work closely with your company for longer periods of time, there is likely a reliable and skilled connection to be made on the Fiverr platform.

2. Wellfound (Formerly AngelList Talent)

Best for: All hires
Cost: None 

Wellfound is one of the most popular sites for recruiting startup talent. Not only are eligible candidates able to find and apply to startup jobs with one application, Wellfound makes it super simple for startups to find the top reliable, skilled workers for their company. Additionally, companies are even able to find potential investors and apply to incubators on the site.

3. GitHub

Best for: Technical hires
Cost: $450 per job listing 

For startups looking for potential technical hires, such as developers, are likely to find a qualified candidate on GitHub. As one of the most popular hiring platforms for technical candidates, there is a wealth of talented tech workers to be found on the site. While it costs $450 to post a job on GitHub, it is easy and free to source talent on the website.

4. We Work Remotely

Best for: Remote hires
Cost: $299 per job listing

With more businesses being able to or even preferring to function online, a growing number of companies are looking to remote workers to fulfill job openings at their businesses. We Work Remotely is one great option for startups looking for remote workers for their marketing, design, and programming needs. Companies can easily post a job listing that is filtered to their specifications of category or job type and find the right remote worker for the job.

5. VentureLoop

Best for: Venture-backed startups
Cost: $99 per job listing 

VentureLoop is a unique job board in that it only provides hiring services for venture-backed startups and candidates that are interested in working for them. This job board boasts numerous highly skilled candidates looking to put in the work required from a rapid growth startup. The cost of posting a job on VentureLoop is comparatively low; however, job postings only last 30 days.

6. Stack Overflow

Best for: Tech hires
Cost: Available on request 

For startups in need of top-tier tech hires such as software engineers, Stack Overflow is the site to begin the search. Companies are able to find global talent as well as a litany of additional resources and communities to support their company on the website. Perhaps the most notable feature of Stack Overflow is its advanced search capabilities allowing users to filter through candidates based on education, employers, job titles, name, and more.

7. Authentic Jobs

Best for: Creative hires
Cost: $300 per job listing 

Startups looking for creative hires such as designers, Authentic Jobs, trusted by HBO, Facebook, and Apple for high-quality talent, is the platform to find them. On Authentic Jobs, postings can be filtered and detailed to attract exactly the right candidates for your company’s needs. Furthermore, the price of posting a job on the site lowers as you continue to add more listings.

8. Upwork

Best for: Freelance hires
Cost: $0 to post a job listing 

Upwork is another popular website for freelancers and the companies who hire them. On the site, you can find an extensive array of freelancers in different fields, from content writers to video editors and at varying skill levels.

9. Remote

Best for: Remote hires
Cost: Starts at $299 per employee per month 

Finding remote workers across the globe is easier than ever. On Remote, startups are able to find and hire capable international contractors and employees to fill job roles within the company. Additionally, Remote.com makes onboarding quick and easy, only taking a few minutes. Not to mention, users are equipped with 24/7 HR, legal, and financial resources.

10. Workable

Best for: Large-scale hiring
Cost: $99 per job posting 

Workable leverages the power of artificial intelligence and over 200 job boards to provide companies with a large but reliable talent pool to choose from. Companies can choose from several plans on workable; however, users are also able to pay as they go for only $99 per job posting.