Springbox AI Raises Funding as Startup Launches Financial Forecasting App

By Thomas Price Saturday, January 30, 2021

A growing number of people, businesses, and large-scale companies in the United States (US) are participating in the stock market. It’s no surprise that this type of investment is a way to ensure one’s money is diversified through different companies, but it’s also a way to earn on top of that investment. However, investing comes with risks, which is why this growing trend comes with a lot of uncertainty — leaving many wondering which businesses they should be investing in for optimal financial returns. Springbox AI is a startup developing a financial forecasting app that should take the guessing out of investing for many people.

Smartphone screen showing the Springbox AI app.

Springbox’s Technology and Business Success

Springbox AI is a startup that has developed a financial forecasting app meant to help specifically with individuals looking to invest in the stock market. The initial company beta for the app was launched in January 2020, with the full versions now available for download on both Android and iOS. While it may cost the user $49 a month, the features and results certainly speak for themselves.

In fact, on top of offering several features such as comprehensive AI- (artificial intelligence) based market forecasting with the option of push notifications, smart signals to keep losses low and profits high, live market screening with a top 10 list of companies to buy or sell, and intelligent trading news, the startup’s app has also been extremely successful. The use of deep learning and AI for the company has delivered an incredible 85% win ratio on stocks picked through the technology, leading to more money earned by the user than traditional business methods of investing and predicting. In conjunction with the launch of their app, the startup has raised new funding for their business.

Springbox AI’s Newest Funding

As the startup announced the recent launch of its app, they also announced $2 million in newly raised funding. The money came from a variety of businesses and investors in Europe. This sort of infusion of capital will allow the company to focus on several different things such as business growth, technology improvement, and further expansion of services.

When commenting on the nature of the app and its services, Springbox AI Co-Founder Fayze Bouaouid said, “Springbox AI is born out of the necessity to assist investors in their trade decisions whether they trade stocks, forex, commodities or ETFs. Younger, faster traders are entering the financial world. These traders have been inundated in their applications almost since birth, and are always searching for tools with dynamic UI and functionality that helps them find financial success. They need data, they need it to be accurate and timely, and they need it to provide actionable intelligence that makes them money without having to spend exorbitant amounts to get it.”

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