Scrum Ventures Launches Scrum Studio to Connect Japanese Startups and Corporations

By McKenzie Carpenter | Friday, 05 March 2021 | Business, Startup, International

Mining relationships between startup companies and corporations may prove to be a challenge since a startup company may not have the connections or resources to reach large corporations. Scrum Ventures, a venture capital business, recently announced its new program, Scrum Studio, to connect Japanese startups and corporations.

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About the Venture Capital Business

Scrum Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in connecting Japanese startup companies with corporations to build relationships and networking connections. The company particularly focuses on seed and Series A startup companies. The business provides a wide array of services, such as assistance with hiring, strategic advice, and fundraising.

Scrum Ventures was founded in 2013, with offices located in Tokyo, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Seattle, and New York. Some corporate partners of the company include Panasonic, Unisys, Fujitsu, and DeNA. In addition, the venture capital business has invested in over 80 startup companies, mostly in the United States (US).

About Scrum Studio

On Friday, the venture capital business announced it will be launching a new incubator program, Scrum Studio, that will help startup companies garner relationships with corporations. Through this new program, startup companies and corporations will be able to connect to co-create products or services and innovate areas of the industries they are in.

This will be the fourth studio program launched by the venture capital company. Masami Takahashi, who previously worked for Uber Japan and WeWork Japan, will be the new president of the entity. Scrum Ventures previously launched Sports Tech Tokyo, SmartCityX, and Food Tech Studio — Bites!.

Takahashi said about joining the venture capital company on this new program, “...By leveraging my experiences launching new businesses and bridging large companies with start-ups, I will strive to create new values and innovations that have a positive impact on society.”

This new studio is based on three pillars of business opportunities: acceleration of global communities, incubation of joint ventures and partnerships, and providing valuable connections in the Japanese market.

Tak Miyata, general partner and founder of the venture capital company said, “Thus far, Scrum's studio efforts have brought together more than 50 leading Japanese corporate partners, more than 200 mentors from around the world, and invited entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries to participate in programs focused on smart cities, food tech, and sports...we are very excited to welcome him [Takahashi] to lead Scrum Studio Co., Ltd. and expand its business. Together we will connect Japan and the world, continuing to create innovations that have global impact.”

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