DLA Piper Sees Solid Growth in 2020 With Major Companies Seeking Advisement

By Thomas Price Friday, December 25, 2020

Given the current economic state of the world in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, matters of a financial nature for things such as acquisitions, sales, funding, and deal disputes have continually been rising. In light of such matters rising, the need for strong legal counsel and advice has seen an uptick in demand. Of the many law firms who have benefitted from this, DLA Piper may be at the forefront. In fact, with two new major clients announced, the firm looks to see further growth throughout the end of this year and into the near future. So, who are DLA Piper’s new clients, what will the firm be doing, and what has the effect of 2020 been on them?

DLA Piper’s New Clients

DLA Piper has a dedicated team for multiple different fields, including global technology and Emerging Growth and Venture Capital. Recently the Emerging Growth and Venture Capital practice at DLA Piper announced that the firm advised both Flock Freight in their Series C Funding Round and Analytical Graphics Inc. in its sale to Ansys Inc., with both situations involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

With Flock Freight, DLA Piper helped advise the company through its Series C Funding Round, which saw Flock Freight raise an incredible $113.5 million. The advisory team from DLA Piper was led by partner Randy Socol, along with other partners Paolo Morante and Neil Balmert. They were joined by counsel from Nicholas Klein and associates, Shehzad Huda, Kathryn Fortin, and Nika Antonikova. They are a part of a team of over 200 lawyers across the United States specifically trained to help ensure the success of projects like this for startups across all different types of industries. When dealing with a different section of DLA Piper’s over 1,000 corporate lawyers, the firm recently advised Analytical Graphics in their sale to Ansys Inc.

The sale of Analytical Graphics to Ansys Inc. was settled at a whopping price of $700 million. The DLA Piper team which advised Analytical Graphics over the course of this sale was led by partner Andrew Gilbert along with a major list of others. This list includes partners Scott Cowan, Paolo Morante, William Bartow, Brad Jorgensen, Rita Pate,l and Cathryn Le Regulski. For counsel, DLA Piper utilized Sanjay Beri and Nia Brown. The senior attorneys on the team were Praseeda Singh Nambiar and Christopher Stevenson. Other attorneys included Tim Sharkey and Elizabeth Beck. Finally, the associates were Michael Goldstein, Michael Bushey, Zachary Nolan, Tiffany Nguyen, and Jason Veit.

Due to the success of sales such as these, and the major teams behind them, DLA Piper has been rated as the best firm in global mergers and acquisitions for a decade straight. Outside of the United States, DLA Piper has lawyers in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Americas. Despite the already incredible size and scope of the firm, DLA Piper is predicting to grow even further off of demand generated from the COVID-19 pandemic.

DLA Piper in the Near Future

DLA Piper recently released a report going through the many areas of expected business growth due to the pandemic. In this report, the law firm expects to see major upticks in areas such as distressed asset transactions once government protection and support expires. Furthermore, the company should also experience a significant boost in post-transactional disputes, which is already evident in over 60% of countries that the report covered. DLA Piper also predicts a spike in risk mitigation efforts.

The company is already well-equipped to handle all of these areas of growth. And while much of the economic world may experience continued distress, this suggests that the firm itself will continue to expand and prosper as it helps companies through these difficult times.

Final Conclusions

DLA Piper is a major, effective, and global law firm that has seen business across its many different practices. While this itself is exciting to see for the firm, what is by far more exciting are the expectations for their business to grow even further going into 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic builds expectations for many different types of needs in the near future.

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