7 Benefits of Using a Professional Business Formation Service

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Starting a business can be overwhelming. From coming up with a business plan to reaching out to investors for funding to verifying compliance with state requirements — it takes a lot of steps to reach your entrepreneurial goals. But what if there was something that could help you walk?

Professional business formation services, like ZenBusiness, take the weight off your shoulders through sophisticated technology and expert support, helping you start, run, and grow your business.

1. Reduces Risk of Business Formation Errors

Professional business formation services help reduce the risk of human error. Something as simple as a botched calculation can throw a wrench in the works for your shiny, new business. Relying on the ZenBusiness platform, which is highly automated and overseen by the company’s experts, reduces the risk of miscalculating a vital step.

Furthermore, there are so many components of forming a business that it’s easy to overlook one, or a few. A business formation service will take you through each step — verifying your business name availability, preparing your Articles of Organization, co-ordinating and filing your documents with the Secretary of State — to make sure you don’t miss something.

Even after you’ve successfully launched your company, ZenBusiness can help with upkeep and escalation. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, this is one of the larger benefits of purchasing a professional service — whether you’re coming in with a clean slate and don’t know what you need to know, or simply want someone to hold your hand through the process.

2. Packages Offer Access to Additional Business Tools

Depending on what level of support you want, ZenBusiness offers three different bundles, which provide discounted products vital for business owners.

  • The Starter pack begins at $39 billed annually. After a year of included registered agent service, it renews for $119 per year. Key services included in this bundle are the registered agent service, standard filing service, and the Operating Agreement.
  • The Pro pack, costing $149 billed annually, sits at the middle price point and is the company’s most popular plan. In addition to the Starter pack services, like the registered agent, this bundle expedites the filing service, digitally procures an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and offers a Worry-free Guarantee, which includes yearly compliance and two free filings.
  • The Premium pack is for entrepreneurs seeking the most support and benefits. For $249 billed annually, you receive a handful of expedited services, support with a website and domain name, and rush filing speed, among other services.

3. Free/Included Registered Agent Services

State agencies require all LLCs and Corporations to have a registered agent for their business. In short, this is a registered address that will serve as the central point of contact between your business and the government, where you can receive legal notices and other important correspondence.

The requirement of a physical location in the same state where the business was formed can be a big barrier to entry for some entrepreneurs. ZenBusiness’s registered agent service takes this headache away by appointing a registered agent to meet state requirements, add protection, and keep you organized.

You can either pay $99 for the regisetered agent service alone or take advantage of the full year of registered agent service offered in the ZenBusiness basic package.

4. Easy Access to Important Business Documents

One thing that business owners across the country can agree on is that paperwork is a nuisance. No matter how good your filing system is, it seems impossible to avoid the inevitable missing or late document. One of ZenBusiness’s most innovative features is its online dashboard, personalized to each customer.

After filing your business documents with the state, ZenBusiness will deliver the documents, including your business formation certificate and EIN, to your dashboard so you can check your status and reference the materials easily at any time. Imagine an organized system where everything is in one place and someone else is doing the filing for you.

5. Helpful Customer Support

Though the system itself is extremely intuitive, ZenBusiness has a top-class customer support team that helps with both overseeing the business formation service and addressing individual customer qualms.

For more straightforward questions, you can reference the online Help Center, which has likely already answered them. If you have more substantial questions about the business formation process, you can take advantage of person-to-person support either through an online chat, emailing the team at support@zenbusiness.com, or speaking with the customer success team on the phone at 1-844-4-ZENBIZ. They are available during regular business hours.

6. Provides Peace of Mind

The thousands of five-star customer reviews on the ZenBusiness website highlight the ease of this business formation company. No part of using the service is complicated, and if you do run into a hitch, the customer service team will resolve it right away. More than anything, this provides peace of mind that many entrepreneurs could only dream of during the first few years of business formation.

Starting a company can be stressful at times, so you don’t want to have to worry about the little things. To know the logistical side of your company’s operations is in good hands will give you the freedom to focus on the big picture. Now that your company is up and running, where are you going to take it next?

7. Saves Time

The other key benefit of a professional business formation service like ZenBusiness is that it frees up your schedule more than you would anticipate. All of the little tasks involved in starting a business quickly add up to steal a huge chunk of precious time.

Your day should be spent ideating, networking, and planning instead of hunching over piles of paperwork. After all, time is money and the small price of ZenBusiness’s services will quickly be negated by the profits spurred from all the time you’ve opened up for yourself.

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