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6 Highly Effective Ways To Promote Your Business

Top ways to promote your business Marketing your brand new business is a different game today and you no longer have to send expensive and un-targeted promotions in the mail or pay tens of thousands of dollars on commercial ads.

We are in the amazing age of targeted advertising and cost effective marketing. There are many exciting new and refined opportunities out there to get your business noticed and making the sale.

Traditional methods were great at one time but have been replaced by social media (like Facebook and Twitter), website promotion, email marketing, and more.

You can still network until your heart’s content, and employ snail mail as in the old days; but there is nothing better or more effective than online strategies and mobile device tactics. In fact, they are required nowadays to compete in the expanding digital world.

Marketing to your “target audience” will create a brand and a super company image. Branding is the way people come to know and value your products or services.

With a great logo, mission statement or motto, and key word-driven content (called SEO), you are on your way to driving traffic to your business website and making the sale.


E-mail Marketing

You can start a amazing marketing campaign with the tried-and-true email marketing. It is a lesson in how to promote your business and the gold standard of marketing. Customizing your message is so important in retaining customers. Anything from product updates, special pricing and discounts, and corporate news.

As you collect email addresses on your website or by other means, not only will you be able to connect with your customers, but you can enjoy repeat business.

These emails should be short and sweet. The message line must be captivating to avoid reader deletion.

Above all, you should include a compelling “call to action” that gets attention! Image-building and branding come with the territory as people recognize your emails, but you are also seeking a boost in sales every time you send out a newsletter.

Whenever possible, take a look at the results of your campaign so you can adapt and adjust your messages. The business world is dynamic and ever-changing. Just because you have a great product or service doesn’t guarantee sales. You have to work at keeping pace with new trends and tactics. Learning what works and what doesn’t is the first step.

Try testing different approaches. Be sure not to oversell your concept, but you will want to add an incentive every time.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook Fan Pages are email newsletters with smaller pictures.” – Jay Baer, social media strategist

You can sneak in all kinds of promotions on Social Media. This is particular beneficial for small companies who have low visibility.

A website is a good foundation, but social media for small business, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like, are the building blocks to traffic and building a strong brand.

Any method of connecting with people and prompting sharing is valuable, but you will have to post regular updates, interact, and be interesting.

Remember, social media is part of an integrated approach that will optimize your site’s ranking with search engines — an important goal in any marketing plan.

Social media is not always the one best way to generate leads for direct business. Search engines can guide visitors to your site with more efficiency if your website is loaded with keyword content. However, posts, tweets, and blogs add fuel to the revenue fire when done often and well.

Your branding–name recognition–will soar and stand out in this noisy digital world of ours. Catchy phrasing and eye-popping, entertaining illustrations to get attention will coat your message with instant cachet.

People will want to see them and look forward to more, especially if they are informative and useful.

Be sure to connect people to your website with links. Make your social media posts interactive so you can keep a dialogue going with your “inner circle.”

Social media for your small business depends on your audience reach. Your efforts on Twitter or Facebook will not make a difference without followers. Ask your email subscribers to follow you in a quick email. Or even ask your friends and family!

Create a network with you in the center. Tell customers by word-of-mouth. You will build a substantial following and develop long-term relationships when people see the quality of your posts. They will share with friends and relatives. In no time, your marketing plan is off and running on the most valuable platforms in existence today.


Online Ads

When looking for ideas on how to advertise your small business and create brand awareness, using Google and YouTube is your road to riches. As a supplement to using social media for a small business, this is a great way to brand and generate sales. You can announce a product launch or special promotion.

Contrary to what you might think, statistics show that people do look at ads when they are interested. Placement is everything when it comes to advertising online.

Google offers flat-rates with no contract commitment or upfront start up fees. It’s a good deal and a guaranteed service.

YouTube is the hot alternative, often called the playground of marketers. You can select a target audience for your ads and elect banner, in-stream video, or display options. The reach can be massive!

So go where the people are and invest your ad dollars wisely. The key to successful adverting online is to have an explicit goal and to edit well for comprehension and visual appeal. People generally love “how to’s” and a personal touch.

You can certainly do it yourself to get the authenticity valued by YouTube viewers with the help of Google AdWords.

Keep it short and compelling. Open with a hook and make it a top way to promote your business along with traditional methods. You will get greater viewership if you label your ads appropriately and use keyword tags. Good descriptive phrases will lead people to your door.

Optimize Your Site For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website is the ground floor of your marketing plan.

Your business website is where you tell your story, build your brand, gain sales, get subscribers, and loyal customers. SEO content (using keywords) is as important as ever in achieving goals. It is an art and a science that can improve search-engine ranking and easy exploration.

A website is a form of advertising online. You can control every aspect and enhance your visibility. There are a variety of cloud-based tools for SEO purposes such as SEOmoz and Scribe.

You can get help from the keyword tool Google AdWords or Long Tail Pro to create content that will get the best results while you learn about meta tags, density, search algorithms, and crosslinking.

While not always sufficient on its own as a strategy, SEO tactics are an important adjunct to any good marketing plan.

It has never been easier to promote your business and encourage navigation of your site. Highlight your call to action and use methods of direct customer response where visitors can simply press a button to buy. Plug your keywords into titles and headlines for extra visibility.

Studies show that 94% of consumers hit the internet before they commit. Finding your site is a persistent goal in learning how to promote your business. Utilizing SEO strategies will take time, but will absolutely pay off.

Content marketing is there to please the reader while SEO is there to please the search engines. Attention to both is advised.

To learn more about SEO for your business, check out our Simple Guide for everything you need to know.


Create An Affiliate Program

An additional strategy for advertising online is to join an affiliate program or network within your industry that has a similar target audience and lots of traffic.

Revenue-sharing is simply another way to get business. You can promote your business by rewarding partners who bring you referrals and sales and who will display your ads. As a third party, an affiliate is paid a commission for driving visitors to your website (such as “pay-per-sale or lead”). You can certainly connect with more than one.

Most marketing campaigns fail to include this important bonus strategy that links kindred websites, and they focus more on SEO, emails, social media, etc. Affiliates can smooth e-commerce and increase branding, filling in the gaps left by other methods. They functions like an extended sales force.

A little research will tell you if this approach is right for your business and if it will return high enough profits to be worthwhile. The best ones have costs based only on revenues. Good software helps track results and monitor the effectiveness of an affiliate campaign. (Clickbank is an excellent option)


Press Releases

A press release is a short one-page online announcement to the media and the public about something new in your business: an innovative product or service, company reorganization and/or expansion, an upcoming blog or podcast, and special pricing.

Releases are meant to get attention immediately and promote website traffic from people who want to find out more. They encourage industry stories that could include you. They build your brand and keep your name in the news. It’s pure publicity and great outreach. Readers look at press releases as true, as opposed to paid ads.



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Wrapping Up

Marketing is like a sales puzzle made up of many pieces. It may seem like a jumble to you making no apparent sense at first glance, but as you make a solid plan and the parts fall into place, it will become clear.

With attention and care, your business brand will emerge, your company image will grow, and revenues will skyrocket. There is no better recipe for success when seeking to promote your business. These methods have proven results. You have sees how to advertise a small business and ways to promote your business with flair online.

You have learned a bit about the ins and outs of social media for small business. Use today’s tactics right now at the beginning stage of your enterprise. I guarantee smooth sailing ahead.

(Update: Here is a fantastic resource on building a startup pre-launch strategy that rocks by Andrew Gale. His post ties up mine up and takes it up a notch. Check it out!)

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