5 Top Venture Capital Firms in Seattle

Top Venture Capital Firms in Seattle Article.

There are many reasons why Washington is a great business startup ecosystem. One reason is the presence of major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing provides a wealth of resources and opportunities for successful startups. Additionally, the state has a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, which helps to foster an environment conducive to starting new businesses. 

Washington has several programs and initiatives in place to support startups, such as the Washington State Innovation Partnership and the Washington State Science and Technology Institute. These programs provide access to VC funding, mentorship, and other resources that can help startups succeed. Finally, the state has a diverse economy with various industries, which provides startups with venture capital opportunities to find their niche and grow.

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Best Seattle VC Firms

1. Madrona Venture Group (MVG)

  • Industries: Technology, Ecommerce, gaming, Digital Media, Digital Healthcare, Fintech, SaaS, AI & Machine Learning, Data Science, Security
  • Stage: Seed Stage–Series A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Accoloade, Bizible, Clari

MVG has been investing in Pacific Northwest startups for the last quarter century. They focus on seed-stage and Series-A technology startups looking for funding to speed up their businesses, in addition to providing capital. 

MVG assists with hiring, communication, business development, strategic planning, and much more, in addition to providing funding. Typically, MVG invests between $500,000 and $8 million in the initial phase.

2. Pioneer Square Labs

  • Industries: Technology & Software, Financial Services
  • Stage: Pre-Seed–Series A
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Attunely, Boundless, Gemma

Pioneer Square Labs is a Seattle-based startup studio and early-stage venture capital fund. They provide pre-seed to Series A funding to innovative technology and software businesses with exceptional world-changing potential and excellent problem-solving capabilities. PSL invests around $1 million to $3 million in the early stage.

3. Montlake Capital

  • Industries: Construction, Healthcare, Digital Media, Ecommerce, Hardware, Software, Consumer Products, Distribution & Logistics
  • Stage: Series B
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: PR Systems, Fedelta Home Care, i4cp

Montlake Capital invests in the Western United States’ growth equity markets with a focus on the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest. Montlake Capital focuses on Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Financial Services, and Growth Technology industries, among others. Montlake Capital seeks out growth-stage companies that generate at least $5 million to $50 million in revenue and $1 million to $10 million in EBITDA. 

4. ARCH Venture Partners

  • Industries: Disruptive Science & Technology
  • Stage: Seed Stage–Series C
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Alnylam, Agios, Codiak

AVP works with science and technology firms to develop new businesses. ARCH Venture Partners stands with the companies from their inception to their expansion phases and beyond. The firm's investments typically range from $50 million to $150 million. 

5. Flying Fish Partners

  • Industries: IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, AI, Speech and Natural Language
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Picnic, Finn AI, Streem

Seattle's tech talent can benefit from Flying Fish Partners' venture capital, which invests in excellent Pacific Northwest tech businesses. This company was established in 2017 to support Seattle's tech sector by giving its workers access to the capital they needed. FFP wants to motivate entrepreneurs to build more firms focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things in addition to doing what they already do well. 

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