5 Top Iowa Venture Capital Firms

Iowa attracts startup founders who want to take full advantage of what the state has to offer entrepreneurs. The state has well-established infrastructure that startups can utilize to build a strong foundation and it has a business-friendly environment that includes low corporate tax rates and incentives for starting a business. It also has a number of venture capital firms that seek Midwest startups with big ideas and ample passion. 

One of the unique things about VC firms in Iowa is that they have special insight into doing business in the Midwest. These firms understand the challenges of founding startups in the area and provide valuable mentorship – along with capital – to the right startup founders. 

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Iowa Article.

Best Iowa VC Firms

1. Next Level Ventures

  • Location: Des Moines, IA
  • Industries: Fintech, Agtech
  • Stage: Seed Stage to Growth Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Credit Mountain, PatientFi, Facteus

Next Level Ventures seeks to fuel innovation and economic growth in the Midwest and throughout the rest of the country when the opportunity presents itself. It offers strategic investment partnerships for fintech and agtech companies at the seed stage and the growth stage. It currently manages over $300 million in assets in a portfolio consisting of more than 30 companies. 

This firm is passionate about innovation and uses its funds to help founders with big ideas and bigger work ethics. Beyond financial investments, Next Level provides mentorship and guidance from its experienced founders and associates. It helps companies succeed through productive partnerships that are designed to benefit everyone involved. 

2. Prairie Crest Capital

  • Location: Des Moines, IA
  • Industries: Agtech, Tech
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Hi-Fidelity Genetics, Tradelanes, Certinell Telehealth

Prairie Crest Capital is an early-stage VC firm that focuses on promising, transformational agriculture and technology investments. It looks for agtech businesses that can make big waves in the industry and offers funding to help transform startups into successful companies. By providing funding and expertise, it seeks to accelerate the growth of companies that can change the world. 

This VC firm is on the lookout for startups located in the Midwest, although it can invest in companies outside of the area if the circumstances are right. Prairie Crest believes that agtech companies in the Midwest have been ignored for too long and deserve more support. It wants to support Midwest businesses and demonstrate the depth of talent and drive in the area.

3. ManchesterStory Group

  • Location: Des Moines, IA
  • Industries: Healthcare, Insurtech, Fintech
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Groundspeed, Matic, Plnar

ManchesterStory Group is an early-stage VC firm that focuses primarily on insurtech investments, although it also invests in healthcare and fintech startups. The firm brings decades of experience to the table to assist startups and early-stage companies in need of funding and expertise. It knows how to identify promising management teams and potential problems that could inhibit growth. 

ManchesterStory is located in the insurance hub of Des Moines. It is a trusted partner with numerous insurance companies that are on the lookout for investment opportunities. It brings together investing partners and startup founders to create lasting relationships that improve success rates and profitability. 

4. Iowa Seed Fund II

  • Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Bioscience, Information Technology
  • Stage: Early Stage and Growth Stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Corvida Medical, Involta, Vida

The Iowa Seed Fund II is a seed-stage VC firm that invests in high-impact Iowa businesses. It is the second seed fund created by the founders, raised in 2012. This fund typically invests between $100,000 and $250,000 for a minority ownership position. 

The fund focuses on businesses founded in Iowa that can create rapid value growth. It focuses on three business sectors: advanced manufacturing, bioscience, and information technology. It offers extensive expertise to partners through its relationship with EDC, Inc. 

5. ISA Ventures

  • Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Industries: Biotech, Edtech, Engineering
  • Stage: Multi-stage
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Curbicus, Haggle, Tractor Zoom

ISA Ventures is a unique VC firm offering multi-stage venture capital opportunities. Not only does it fund seed-stage companies, but it also funds growth-stage and later-stage companies in need of expansion. The firm seeks to be a useful partner for Iowa businesses at all stages by providing ongoing funding opportunities and expertise. 

ISA Ventures wants to be there with entrepreneurs throughout their entire journey. It has the resources and knowledge to help with all stages of business in its target markets. The firm provides funding, mentorship, and opportunities to connect with peers in various industries.