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Think of your business entity like the engine of a car. Depending on the kind of engine you have, you'll be able to go down different terrains and operate at different speeds. The business entity you choose will impact the legal protection you have, the taxes you pay and more. Choose wisely!

Texas Wide Open for Business

Texas Wide Open for Business is the official representative of the Texas Economic Development division. Its primary purpose is to offer vital information to businesses and companies looking to expand or transfer in Texas. The organization provides insights on starting and growing a business, funding programs, various incentives, and more. is an organization formed to help entrepreneurs navigate through the vast small business resources network. The team works in partnership with other organizations, chambers, lenders, and a host of other business experts to connect entrepreneurs to the right resources to jumpstart their business.

San Antonio Small Business Development Center

The San Antonio Small Business Development Center ensures that entrepreneurs get access to a variety of business programs and activities to a successful startup. The SBDC organization offers one-on-one confidential business advising, low cost small business workshops, a wide referral network, established business partners, and more.

Dallas Brain

Dallas Brain connects entrepreneurs to the right set of tools and resources to kickstart a business. Dallas BRAIN offers assistance in starting and running a business through its learning center. It also has ample resource access through its resource navigator and its research and planning tools.

Journey Coworking

Thought of as a ‘communal think tank’, Journey Coworking is a new East Austin co-working space designed specifically for the entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators of Austin. In addition to serving as a place for their daily grind, membership also includes anything from stand-up desks, hi-tech conference rooms, and uniquely themed phone booths to a wellness studio, on-site food trucks, and a coffee/juice bar serving cold brew and Kombucha on tap. Add in the showers, bocce ball court, and sleeping pods, it’s a place where any business can live, work and play.

Capital Factory

Situated in the Downtown Innovation Zone of Austin, Capital Factory helps entrepreneurs learn, work, and accelerate. An idyllic co-working space, Capital Factory boasts of an entirely open floor plan complete with co-working and dedicated desks, a classroom, meeting rooms, a break room, and an events space where entrepreneurs can easily man their business.


Having launched more than 200 companies since it started in 2006, Thinktiv is recognized as one of the best business builders in the world today. Thinktiv, as a business builder, utilizes a unique service platform that is client centered. So unique is this platform that it revolutionizes business-building rules.


SKU is a startup accelerator program that assists consumer packaged goods companies to foster their business growth and development. With SKU, these companies are provided with all the necessary support required to achieve its goals from expert business mentors to personalized educational content to access to startup funding.

Tech Ranch

Tech Ranch is a supportive co-working community that helps entrepreneurs move forward and build a successful venture. Through Tech Ranch’s various support services, you can have a better and smoother sailing entrepreneurial journey. As a co-working space, Tech Ranch has dedicated and reserved desks as well as an office space and event space.


The North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC) helps promising startups with the key to succeeding – tools and resources. NTEC is considered one of the biggest business accelerators in the state, and they offer access to professional business guidance, high standard infrastructure and a vast amount of professional networking opportunities to get you started.


Geekdom is a co-working community where a collaborative environment between entrepreneurs, makers, developers, creatives, and technologists is fostered to enable great and cool things to happen. Geekdom’s no-nonsense membership program enables you to choose between a shared community space and a dedicated personal desk complete with office facilities and amenities.

Link Coworking

A premier membership club, Link Coworking is dedicated to bringing people together in one collaborative environment where they can conduct their business. At Link, you also have the opportunity to network with other co-curious, and you also get to work in a space where ideas are developed to become success stories.

NoD Coworking

NoD Coworking is a co-working community that especially caters to tech startups and professionals. Membership with NoD allows you access to a co-working space, desks and offices, and meeting rooms. NoD also has mentors and is partnered with several companies to help its members establish the right network.

Start Houston

Start Houston is a unique, collaborative working environment that offers both fun and professional place for various professionals, entrepreneurs, employees, etc. At Start, there is always something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for some critical feedback or you’re looking into business opportunities, you can find it all in Start.

Central Texas Angel Network

The Central Texas Angel Network is a leading angel network that provides early state capital for startups and businesses. Aside from the early state capital provided, the Central Texas Angel Network also provides mentoring for businesses.


SCORE is a non-profit organization that is more popularly known as the Counselors to America’s Small Business. The organization got this moniker because it provides the most comprehensive mentoring and counseling services all across the country through its many SCORE satellite offices. This mentoring is offered free of any charge by volunteers who are actively working as business professionals or retired business experts with different fields of specialization. The counseling is personalized and done on a one-on-one basis to give startup entrepreneurs ample information to get started.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration is a United States government initiative to address the growing concerns and issues of small businesses across the country. With several satellite offices in the country located in various states and local areas, the Small Business Administration provides complete business assistance resources, tools, and vast amounts of information to jumpstart a business. From the required capital through funding programs to counseling and workshops that help improve your chances of business success, the SBA has a lineup of business programs to help you.

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