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Xero Review: Amazing Accounting Software or Bust?

Xero ReviewWell of all the gin joints in the digital world, welcome to Startup Savant’s Xero Review where you’ll learn about their most popular features, peak inside their platform, and get to the bottom of just how mind-blowingly-crazy-awesome their accounting software is. Honestly, we don’t have any complaints but we’re not here to pull our punches either. Enjoy!


Our Favorite Xero Features

From freelancers and small-biz owners galore, to startups and corporations of various shapes and sizes… Xero fits. They’ve set themselves apart from other software giants like FreshBooks and represent an amazing community.

Should We Keep Going? Okay, Fine….

A Handful of Considerations


A Quick Look Inside Xero

Sorry, that was a pretty big bullet-point info dump. Feel free to bookmark our Xero Review so you can have it handy during your procrastination phase. That said, let’s switch to some visuals. These should give you a good feel for what it’s like inside their software.

Create Custom Invoices

Xero Invoicing


Store and Categorize Your Files

Xero Accounting Files


Manage Bills and Monitor Cash flow

Xero Bills


Track Expenses
Xero Expense Tracking

Create and Send Custom Purchase Orders

Xero Purchase Orders

By that glimmer in your eyes, you may be falling in love. But don’t jump the gun because you haven’t seen their pricing yet. Xero is one of the most affordable small business accounting software tools aside from FreshBooks. With each plan, you get a variety of practical features that help manage the numbers that drive your brand.

Xero Pricing Structure

Xero has three very straightforward plans: Starter, Standard and Premium. The screenshot below lays them out in all their glory. Look at those prices. For everything we’ve covered and more, for let’s be honest, chump change!

Xero Pricing and Features Xero Pricing and Features 2

(Note: Xero pricing varies from location to location. The table below shows the prices for the US market.)

Hard not to get lost in that feature-wall right? For entrepreneurs and startups just dipping their toes into 21st century accounting software all of that is like a foreign language. In this circumstance your best bet is to begin with the Starter plan then scale/upgrade as necessary.

Bottom Line: You Should Leverage Xero If…

The point of this Xero Review when you get right down to it, is to inspire you to leverage the amazing power of current accounting software. We want you to succeed! Come on, to be honest, the vast majority of human beings living in modern society today should devote at least a couple hours a week to software like Xero, FreshBooks, or whatever suits them.

Thanks so much for reading our Xero review, we appreciate it. Hopefully it’s motivated you to take action and hand the reigns (not totally of course) over to smart-tech that’s far better at math than we are. Cheers, and here’s to a bright future ahead.

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