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FreshBooks Review: Why We Adore This Company!

FreshBooks ReviewWelcome to Startup Savant’s FreshBooks Review where we take you through our favorite business accounting software, its features, a look inside their platform, and more. As you’ll soon see Forbes hit the nail on the head when they lauded FreshBooks as incredibly user-friendly, helping to transform the headaches of accounting into a smooth, fast, and secure system. Enjoy!


Our Favorite FreshBooks Features

First and foremost you should know their accounting software has been used/tested by millions of entrepreneurs and startups which is why it’s so refined. What do we mean? See for yourself:

FreshBooks has a mobile app that you can use to check your expenses, invoices, transactions, track time and a lot more. All on the go.

A Handful of Quick Considerations


A Quick Look Inside FreshBooks

Pretty dang amazing, right? Definitely cutting edge accounting tools for modern startups. That said, let’s dig inside their platform to give you a better idea of how the software looks and feels. As if often the case, presentation is everything! Especially when dealing with core sets of data. Here’s some core functions:

Send Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

FreshBooks Invoices


Track Expenses By Category

FreshBooks Expense Tracking

Effortless Time Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking Projects

Keep a Closer Eye On Your Biz-Finances

FreshBooks Accounting Reports

Clean, tidy, intuitive, easy on the mind/eyes, and professional. Are you starting to see why they shot to the top of the industry so quickly and amassed a gargantuan following within our entrepreneurial era?  Great, let’s dive into the pricing structure so you can see how no-brainer it is.


FreshBooks Pricing Structure

FreshBooks has four straightforward (and creatively named) plans: Mighty Oak, Evergreen, Seedling, and Sprout. Each comes with specific and built-in features.

FreshBooks Pricing

Honestly, the only reason not to go with the Mighty Oak is because you’re company hasn’t grown to that level. Startups often begin at Sprout then over the first few years graduate on up the ladder as needed. Where do you fit in based on the basic plan features they present?


You Should Leverage the Power of FreshBooks if…

Listen, thanks so much for reading our FreshBooks review, we appreciate it. Hopefully you’ve been inspired to at least check them out or perhaps fiddle with their free trial to see if it’s a good fit. We’re betting it is. Remember, startups these days live and die by their accounting software. Cheers, and here’s to your success.

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