The Top 7 Business Incorporation Services for Startups

Best Business Incorporation ServicesIn response to an influx of emails from readers, here’s our friendly list of the 7 best business incorporation services. If you need to form an LLC, Corporation or Non-Profit; these are the best filing services to look into.

We’ll quickly introduce you to each service, then provide an overview of what you need to know. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back as you do your research.

At the end of the day, choose the filing service that’s right for your business.



IncFile is the most affordable online incorporation service and our #1 pick. We’ve worked with IncFile multiple times quite successfully and highly recommend them.

For $49 you get free Registered Agent, 24-hour document prep for fast incorporation, Order tacking in real time, free shipping and a tool-set to keep you compliant over time.



LegalZoom is another top provider with their own package deals that legions of startups feel are worth the extra cost. They also represent impeccable customer service and a platform capable of helping to guide you in starting, running and managing your business over the long haul.

Their website is super-user-friendly and mobile responsive which is definitely an added bonus once you begin working with them.



We actually have a small CorpNet crush because of how pleasant and helpful their customer service team are. Aside from 24/hr doc-prep they also have some of the best features  in the industry including…

  • 24-hour document pre for fast incorporation.
  • A Business Structure Wizard which helps you decide on legal structure.
  • Free Registered Agent service in all of their three packages.


Started in 1996 and have since incorporated many thousand of startups handling all biz-structures, from LLC’s to Corporations along with filing state/federal red tape. Their customers find the three-step process they’ve developed to be both intuitive and stress-free.

Packages from $99 to $349 for entrepreneurs without the time or who want to stay hands-off when it comes to the incorporation process.


My New Company

Been helping entrepreneurs and startups take their ideas to the next level since 2001, over 40,000 Corporations and LLC’s. They’re also sporting an A+ rating from the BBB and proudly boast a 98% customer recommendation rate.

Package pricing ranges from $79 to $279, with an assortment of add-ons and all with a solid 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Wow, this is getting a little repetitive, am I right? All these companies essentially do the same things and some of them even have eerily similar names.

MyCorporation has been around since 1999 so they’re also a safe and secure option with their own packages that scale from $69 to $299 with other goodies for startups to streamline red tape matters.


Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer provides a plethora of features to kickstart just about any modern business including…

  • Arranging attorneys for clients who need legal advice.
  • Forms come with clear instructions and supporting documents.
  • They’ll help you create customized legal docs and much more.

Pros & Cons To Using An Incorporation Service


  1. You don’t need to know anything about the legal aspects of registering a business. Your incorporation service handles all paperwork on your behalf.

  2. An online incorporation service will keep you notified in the future of any legal requirements you need to take care of with the state. This removes any surprises!

  3. No need for you to get directly involved. An incorporation service saves you time researching and filing with the state so you can focus your energy on getting your business off the ground.

  4. Every incorporation service above offers phone and email support for any questions you have about the status of your business.


  1. The biggest downside to using a business filing service is the lack of personalization. These services are very helpful but a legal professional can give extra insight to the start of your business.

Which Business Filing Service Is Best?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAt the end of the day, it’s up for you to choose which is right for your business. Check out our reviews for a better understanding of what you get with each service. Keep in mind that many of the features are extremely similar between these 7 online incorporation services. Pricing is the main difference.

That said, other than the fact that they’ve effectively started 75,000 business so far, IncFile is also the most affordable option. You’ll save anywhere between $20-$100 by starting your business with them.