Pros & Cons of IncFile

Pros of IncFile

  • Their customer feedback is nearly impossible to beat. There are thousands of online reviews for IncFile, and the vast majority are positive.
  • Their turnaround times for licensing are quite fast, with an expected turnaround of just three business days.
  • When it comes to pricing, IncFile’s $99 business license research package is right in line with industry norms.
  • Since they formed back in 2004, they’ve served over 100,000 businesses, an impressive figure for just over a decade’s work.

Cons of IncFile

  • It’s difficult to come up with cons for IncFile. They don’t have the advanced options of InCorp, or the volume discounts of MyCorporation, but other than that we can’t find any faults with IncFile’s business license service.