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InCorp Business License Service Review

Is It Reliable?

Incorp Business License Service ReviewAre you forming a new company that needs licenses or permits to get off the ground? Perhaps you own an existing business that requires further licensing to remain compliant? There are reputable online services like InCorp that can help you with these matters.

In this InCorp business license service review, we’ll take a look at some of their important pros and cons, pricing, features, customer reviews and more. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a good idea whether they’re the right fit for your company, or if you should look at the competition. Enjoy!

InCorp Business License Service Pros & Cons


  1. For business license service, InCorp teams up with LicenseLogix, one of the top business license companies in the nation. They have a great reputation and strong customer reviews.

  2. Client License Information Center allows you to either completely outsource your business licensing, or manage your licenses through their software tool. It’s nice to have the full-service option, and not many competitors do.

  3. Business licensing customers get access to a convenient dashboard, which makes it easy to keep track of the status and renewal dates of your licenses. There’s also integrated document support, so all your important forms are right there as well.

  4. With 250,000+ customers served since 1998, InCorp is a consistent and reliable presence in the industry.

  5. Their website is protected by McAfee Verify Security, and their SSL certificates and identity confirmation are checked continuously by GeoTrust. They’re serious about security.

  6. If you only need your current licenses verified for validity, InCorp will check them for you at a rate of just $35 per license.


  1. The costs can add up rather quickly if you choose to have them research, file and manage all of your licenses for you. The convenience may be worth it, just know that it won’t be cheap.

Pricing & Features

With InCorp, you have quite a few options for business license service. From checking your current licenses for validity to filling out and filing all of your documents, they have a level of service suitable for every business.

Incorp Business License Pricing

It’s great to have all of these options, so let’s take a look at what exactly each of these features includes to determine which ones you’re interested in for your business.

  • License Research: $99 – This is equivalent to most providers’ standard business license research package, including a full review of which licenses and permits your company needs.
  • License Filing: $119 – They obtain, fill out and file all relevant documentation. InCorp submits your filing fees and verifies that your license is issued correctly on your behalf.
  • License Compliance: $99/year – Access to Client License Information Center, which allows users to fully-outsource their licenses, or personally manage them using their compliance software.
  • License Verification: $35 – They will get confirmation of your existing license status and renewal date.

All of these services are available on an a la carte basis, meaning you’ll never pay for any features you don’t need.

Customer Reviews

InCorp has an A+ rating with the BBB, and also has the largest collection of InCorp customer reviews anywhere online. Of the 130 reviews, 123 are positive. Their many happy customers rave about the great service they receive from InCorp. Here’s a couple examples:

InCorp Customer Reviews 1

InCorp Customer Reviews 2

As we mentioned, there are only a few customers who are unsatisfied with the services provided by InCorp. Those we did find mostly revolved around billing issues, due to customers not fully understanding their purchases. Here’s an example:

InCorp Customer Reviews 3

All told, customer feedback for InCorp is largely positive, with no remotely alarming trends in the handful of critical reviews they’ve received.

How InCorp Compares

InCorp Business License Service ReviewInCorp is an excellent option for business licensing due to their variety of license services and convenient software solutions. Of course, there are quite a few other companies offering business license service, so let’s examine CorpNet and IncFile to see if they could be a better choice for your business.


  • If you want a full-service option, CorpNet bundles research and filing into a $199 package. That’s a $19 savings over InCorp.
  • With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and some of the best customer reviews in the industry, they’re one of the most well-regarded and trusted options for business licensing. (Check out our review)

  • They offer the lowest price point in the industry for business license services, with a research package that costs just $79.
  • has been around since 1899, making them easily the most experienced business licensing option. (Get an in-depth look here!)

All told we like CorpNet the best due to their reasonable full-service pricing and their legions of happy customers. That said, if business license research is all you require, is worth a look due to their unbeatable $79 price point.

  • Pricing Starts at

  • 750,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking for a company that offers an assortment of free learning resources

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 250,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting a business licensing service that allows full control of the licenses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get an EIN?

Most likely, yes. Not many businesses can operate legally without one, and you’ll probably need an EIN to file taxes or open a business bank account anyway.

What Comes in the Business License Research Package?

InCorp’s research package includes license/permit applications, filing instructions, a list of required support forms and a fee chart.

Do They Offer Ongoing Support?

They sure do. You can contact them with business license questions by phone, email or chat, Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm ET.

Should You Use InCorp?

InCorp is one of the top options for business license service. We love the many licensing features they offer, and their customer feedback is excellent. If you’re ready to get started with InCorp, click their link below. Otherwise, take a look at our extensive business license service provider guide. Cheers!

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