The 5 Best Business License Services for $99

Business LicensesDuring formation, it can be challenging to get all the regulatory paperwork filled out correctly and sent to the right agencies. For some businesses there are tons of permits, licenses, and tax issues to consider and the cost of conventional legal help can get a little expensive. That’s where research and filing services come in handy.

In this guide we’re going to introduce you to the most popular business license/tax research services today that can get all this taken care of in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost of working with a law firm. And keep in mind that often filing your forms is only the beginning of what they can offer in terms of founding and managing your new business.



We started with CorpNet because they arguably have the most to offer in this specific context. They provide the research package for $99 like everyone else on this list, but then for another $100 you can have them actually help you get the paperwork filled out correctly; delivered to you “signature ready.”

CorpNet Business License Services Pricing

Then, if you can afford the convenience, their full licensing services takes care of everything: research, preparing the forms, submitting/filing them, then getting all your documents delivered to you for your records. Plus, they’ll work with you over time to keep you compliant afterwards. If this sounds like your best bet, use the links below or the direct link at the end of this article.



MyCorporation is known as a small Californian powerhouse company that delivers great value at low cost. Another point with all this is that service is a big differentiator. Some of these providers are huge, while MyCorporation and others have remained lean and efficient, sporting a 5/5 rating on Google and an 8.9/10 on TrustPilot after a couple hundred reviews over the years.

My Corporation Business License Services

If you browse through them you’ll see lots of these, “Very easy to work with, cost effective, and timely. The representatives that I spoke with over the phone were very helpful and knowledgeable, and I literally had the entire process completed in 3 days. Very satisfied!!” The process begins with a tidy questionnaire, but they’re easy to contact if you have questions.


Clean and tidy, listen, if you head to their website be sure to check out the FAQs section because it concisely outlines everything, talks about common requirements, their specific services, etc. They also answer the question, “What if my business operates in multiple locations?” which is common these days. Business Licenses Pricing

This package includes,

  • On overview of all the documents you’re going to need based on your information.
  • All pertinent contact information to the licensing authority.
  • License and permit applications with a complete set of any associated paperwork.
  • Detailed filing instructions.


Like other providers, they offer a license application package where you provide the details and they point you to all the right paperwork.

The $99 goes for multi-jurisdictional orders as well, but there’s a $66 charge for each additional location within the same state you’re applying for. They’re extremely thorough, so you’ll understand every penny involved before making a purchase even if you’re in a highly-regulated industry with extra steps involved.

BizFilings Business Licenses Pricing

You can also preview their Business License Wizard which:

  • Conducts your research for you on every level along with tax registration.
  • Shows you how many licenses, permits, and tax registrations might be on your plate.
  • Sends you an email with links, instructions, and relevant contact information. Helpful!

The only downside really is that they don’t go about getting the paper work you need for you, which would be a big time-save. In their own words,

“Provide you with all the necessary documents and applications required so that you may work with the federal, state and local governments to ensure your business is in compliance with these requirements.”



They’re one of the most well-known and highly-praised providers in the industry that offer a comprehensive suite of compliance services. In their own words, “IncFile’s Business License Research Package, fulfilled by LicenseLogix, provides their clients with the most up-to-date forms and critical details regarding the submission and application process for the required licenses.

IncFile Business License Reseach Pricing

You’ll find their vast network/knowledgebase of licensing requirements across the U.S. and throughout all industries very convenient. And, it goes without saying that their customer service has developed a fabulous reputation over the last half-decade. We’ve been referring their business license research package to our community for a while now and have never heard anything but good reviews.

Pros & Cons of Business License Services


  1. The #1 thing is business licensing services saves a ton of time. For example, FAR less research and there’s less chance of any mistakes like sending the wrong form to the wrong regulatory agency.

  2. They typically cost substantially less than working with a conventional business law firm or attorney who can charge hundreds of dollars an hour to conduct research, get the forms, and help you file them.

  3. They have ways of keeping you up to date and compliant over time as well, making your life easier as a business owner.

  4. You can get great filing instructions and free informational PDFs that explain the process, what’s involved in obtaining licenses, and other relevant steps you’ll need to take to be compliant.


  1. Using online business licensing services may not be right for you if you’re in a much more sensitive or highly-regulated industry like healthcare, education, agriculture, etc. Often in these cases a official legal professional is ideal because of all the extra layers of compliance and the complexities involved.

  2. Super-quick turnaround time isn’t always assured, depending on complexity. All things being equal, in most cases there aren’t any issues for people but they do and can happen with any provider.

Which Service IS Right For You?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseGood question! Truth be told, we can’t make this decision. To be blunt though, we’re big fans of CorpNet and IncFile. They both can become an immense help in a large variety of ways over time beyond getting compliance matters taken care of.

In this ultra-litigious society where the costs of legal help are through the roof, it’s providers like these that are helping to fuel the entrepreneurial era. So, if you’re still in an investigative mood, bookmark this article so you can check out everything in your own time. Cheers!