The 5 Best Business License Services

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Are you forming a new business but unsure which licenses and permits you need to be/stay compliant? Fortunately, there are providers who can handle the research and filing process for you. These professionals can customize this process to fit your needs.

Below are the best business license services and explanations of what each offers. By the end, we’re confident you’ll have a good idea of which one’s right for your company. Enjoy! 

1. INCFILE - $99

Incfile is our top choice for business license research because of their total ease of use and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

With a 4.8 average out of 5 stars on ShopperApproved after close to 1800 reviews, it’s hard to find an Incfile customer who is anything less than satisfied. Add in their excellent Learning Center and Incfile is a strong contender to fulfill your needs.

If you want a reliable business license service that gets the job done with no frills, Incfile is the right service for you.


2. INCORP - $139 to $199

InCorp offers a variety of licensing services, starting with the license research package for $139. On top of that, for $199 per license, they’ll handle the entire filing process for you (research, filing them out, and filing). Or, they can verify the validity of your current licenses for $35 each.

Plus, InCorp will manage your entire licensing portfolio for you. For $99/year, you won’t have to think about this part of running your business. So yes, the costs can add up with InCorp, but they do offer some extra features you won’t get other places.


3. BIZFILINGS - $99 + $66 for Additional Locations

BizFilings is a great choice for entrepreneurs who need licensing service in more than one physical location. If your business requires this service, you get ⅓ off for each additional location you’re licensing.

They also have a sample package available, along with an informative PDF handbook for business license customers. In business for over 20 years now, BizFilings is a reliable company with plenty of experience that we have no problem recommending.


4. CORPNET - $99 to $199

CorpNet is family owned, providing a personal and reliable touch. In addition to their standard $99 service, they also offer a full-service package for $199 that includes filling out your company’s forms for you. In addition, on a case-by-case pricing basis, they’ll even obtain your licenses for you.

With any service from CorpNet, you get the reassurance of their fantastic customer rating as well. They average an incredible 9.8 average score out of 10 on TrustPilot after loads of reviews.



With over a million companies served in their 20 years in business, MyCorporation is an experienced and trustworthy option as well. Unfortunately, MyCorporation doesn’t offer as many useful features once your business is up and running.

They are a BBB accredited business with an easy to use/secure website, a 9.0 average rating out of 10 on TrustPilot, and their customers frequently rave about the MyCorporation’s knowledgeable representatives. If you’re looking for a business license service with a nice personal touch, check them out.


Pros & Cons of Business License Services


  1. Business licensing services save a ton of resources. You have to do far less research and there’s less chance of any mistakes, like sending an incorrect form to the wrong regulatory agency, or at the wrong time.
  2. They typically cost substantially less than working with a conventional business law firm or attorney, who can charge hundreds of dollars an hour but don’t offer ongoing support.
  3. These services have ways of keeping your licenses up to date and compliant over time as well, making your life easier as a business owner.
  4. You can get great filing instructions and free information guides that explain the process, what’s involved in obtaining licenses, and other relevant steps you’ll need to take to stay compliant.


  1. Using online business licensing services may not be right for you if you’re in a much more sensitive or highly-regulated industry like healthcare, education, agriculture, etc. In these cases, an official legal professional is ideal because of all the extra layers of compliance and the complexities involved.

Our Recommended Service

These companies all provide similar services with slight variations, so we understand it may be difficult to choose the right service for your business.

Overall, our recommended service is Incfile due to their ease of use and company track record. We have used their services and have been very pleased with the end result.

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