20 Innovative Tech Services Startups

Engineer working with servers.

As an ever-expanding market, worldwide tech services are continuing to innovate and adapt as more of the world gains access to new technologies and ways of doing business. These top tech service companies across the globe are helping streamline ways to tackle supply chain issues, innovate new ways for smaller companies to gain a global foothold, and curate unique ways to utilize artificial intelligence to work smarter, not harder.

Top Tech Services Companies

1. Deliverr (Acquired by Shopify)

Location: San Francisco, California
Funding: $490.9 Million 

Deliverr offers fast and affordable shipping services for ecommerce businesses, regardless of their size — aiming to keep small online sellers in competition with the likes of Amazon. Not only does Deliverr provide cost-effective fulfillment, they also help sellers meet shipping standards and avoid incurring late penalties on orders.

2. Landing

Location: San Francisco, California
Funding: $347.8 Million

Landing has created a network of furnished apartments geared toward a nomadic lifestyle. Members of the Landing network have access to a variety of catered spaces across the US, flexible lease options, and thoughtful amenities all aimed at those who want to live easily and move freely.

3. Squire

Location: New York City, New York
Funding: $167.1 Million

Squire is a booking and payment platform catering to the unique needs of barbers and those who run a commission-based shop. From allowing barbers to connect with new and returning clients to providing access to inventory management and payroll systems, Squire is quickly becoming a leader in barbershop industry technology solutions.

4. Lunchbox

Location: New York City, New York 
Funding: $72.1 Million

Lunchbox offers digital marketing, brand design, and online order and delivery fixes for brick-and-mortar restaurants. Using actionable data and social strategies, Lunchbox helps businesses better market to their target clients.

5. Rec Room

Location: Seattle, Washington
Funding: $294 Million

Rec Room is a software company specializing in augmented and virtual reality, with a passion for bringing people together. Rec Room users can create their own avatar, interact with other users, and have access to tools to construct their own unique games and virtual space.

6. Cutover

Location: London, United Kingdom
Funding: $54.6 Million 

Cutover is a platform that integrates with over 20 applications to aid in the planning, communication, and efficiency of complex work systems. Cutover allows users to rehearse big events that could stress infrastructure, view visualizations of performance data, and analyze issues before they affect workflow.

7. Notion

Location: San Francisco, California
Funding: $343.2 Million 

Notion is an application that combines other workplace apps and houses them all in one spot to help streamline daily workflow. This way, Notion compiles notes, tasks, databases, and project management across several platforms into one convenient, easily accessible location.

8. Bevy

Location: Palo Alto, California
Funding: $61.4 Million

Bevy is a conference and community events platform focused on hosting virtual events and building global communities. With webcasting capabilities, enterprise-level analytics, and marketing teams dedicated to helping a range of consumers, educators, and enterprises of any size host events, Bevy aims to help small communities reach new heights.

9. Mural

Location: San Francisco, California
Funding: $192.3 Million 

MURAL is transforming the digital workspace by making meetings and workshops interactive and using illustrative guides to help any team strategize together. As a visual collaboration platform, MURAL is designed to keep problem-solving fun and accessible, any time, anywhere.

10. Cameo

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Funding: $165.7 Million 

Cameo is on a mission to curate personalized and heartfelt experiences between fans and the talent they admire. Using the Cameo marketplace, individuals and businesses can book unique video shoutouts from celebrities, and celebrities can use the platform to earn money for themselves or [for] chosen charities.

11. Slync.io

Location: Dallas, Texas
Funding: $100.5 Million 

Slync.io helps bring order to the chaos of the global supply chain by providing a platform for worldwide shippers and logistics services providers to streamline operations. Slync.io connects complex systems, helps organize teams, and automates difficult back-end processes to help bring efficiency back to ocean freight booking.

12. Voice

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Funding: $150 Million

Voice aims to make NFTs accessible to more creators by cultivating a community of users on a self-sustained platform. On a mission to redefine media, Voice encourages sharing, discovering, and creating content as well as helping those new to NFTs get their start on an environmentally-friendly platform.

13. Popmenu

Location: Woodstock, Georgia
Funding: $87.1 Million 

Popmenu helps restaurants turn curious customers into reliable regulars using analytics and interactive forums. As a cloud-based marketing and customer engagement platform, Popmenu uses smart algorithms to track feedback, menus, customer ratings, and more — helping restaurant owners to increase customer engagement.

14. Hyperscience

Location: New York City, New York
Funding: $288.9 Million 

Hyperscience is a technology company with a human-centered approach to artificial intelligence. Using machine learning software designed to create and process structured documents, automate data entry, and more, Hyperscience aims to modernize outdated systems of operation and improve productivity for businesses worldwide.

15. Cribl

Location: San Francisco, California 
Funding: $402.2 Million 

Cribl was founded by a team of experts in information technology with the goal of simplifying large data and log analytics. By innovating the real-time data observability pipeline, Cribl is able to provide administrators control over information in motion and reduce low-value data. Their ability to improve data routing helps customers deliver better results.

16. Effectual (Acquired by SDC Capital Partners)

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey
Funding: Undisclosed

Effectual offers managed and professional services geared towards modernization for commercial and public sectors. As a cloud service provider, Effectual helps businesses mitigate risk and enables technical problem solving for businesses across several large professional web services.

17. Deepgram

Location: San Francisco, California
Funding: $85.9 Million

Deepgram provides developers with speech recognition systems that search for keywords in transcripts via sound and text and can be used to transcribe calls for searchable notes. As an AI speech platform, Deepgram provides businesses with some of the most accurate speech-to-text on a user-friendly API.

18. Grip

Location: London, United Kingdom
Funding: $13 Million 

Grip harnesses the power of AI to curate networking and foster success by turning virtual meetings into business opportunities. As a market engagement platform, Grip is used by conferences, trade shows, and corporate event organizers for both virtual and in-person events.

19. Brainbase (Acquired by Jonas Software)

Location: Los Angeles, California 
Funding: $12 Million

Brainbase is an all-in-one platform with everything needed to run a global licensing business, helping teams nurture partnerships from contract to revenue. Brainbase uses AI-powered business insights to provide ways to collaborate on deals, curate partner recommendations, and more. Brainbase is here to help businesses make smarter decisions faster.

20. Chronosphere

Location: New York City, New York 
Funding: $342.5 Million

Chronosphere helps cloud-based companies better control rampant data and tackle complex problems as they grow. Chronosphere is an observability platform that develops customizable monitoring solutions and empowers cloud-native engineering organizations to prepare for rapid-scale expansion and technical complexities.