10 Startups Helping to Solve the Water Crisis

Water flowing to hands.

Entrepreneurs who are passionate about saving the environment are finding great success these days. Problems like food waste and hunger are becoming more pressing, and new technologies are available to bring about innovative solutions. The water crisis is another issue that new businesses are tackling to bring about a brighter future. Check out some of the new, creative startups changing the water industry below. 

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Startups Making a Splash

Over 770 million people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water, and around one million people die each year because of water contamination. Climate change only exacerbates these issues, making it a pressing crisis that needs solving. We love the way the following startups are making a difference for the environment and in the communities they serve.

Disclaimer: With so many exciting startups launching and growing worldwide, we aren’t able to cover them all. Furthermore, the startups that are listed below are not officially ranked and are listed in no particular order.

1. Glanris

Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Funding: $7.4 Million

Glanris is taking water conservation to the next level. They take rice hulls — which are typically burned rather than reused — and upcycle them to create an efficient, low impact water filtration media. This state-of-the-art technology is not only good for the environment, it’s also economical and highly efficient. 

2. BlueTap

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Funding: N/A

Water is life, and clean access to water provides brighter futures. When it comes to people in remote parts of the world getting access to clean water, the responsibility lies with young girls and women. They’re often walking many miles to secure it, which is why BlueTap’s mission is to provide clean water to those around the world with their revolutionary chlorine filtration system. 

Not only do they deliver clean water to remote locations, they also service hospitals and schools in countless communities worldwide.

3. Uravu Labs

Location: Bangalore, India
Funding: $2 Million

In India, the water crisis is severe, as there’s actually a water shortage in the country. Startup Uravu Labs has created a unique device called Aquapanel to ensure there’s enough water for everyone. The solar thermal technology works by producing drinking water through water vapor absorption at night, making it 100% renewable and amazing for the environment. While this business is still in pre-seed funding, they’re already making waves throughout the industry.

4. Gybe

Location: Portland, Oregon
Funding: $120,000

Gybe is a startup that utilizes satellite imagery to target water insecurity and other related issues affecting communities around the world. Their ground sensors work in tandem with their exclusive technology, making it easier for communities to monitor things like sediment flows and algae blooms so they can provide clean water to the people living nearby.

5. Remote Waters

Location: Santiago, Chile
Funding: $395,000

Chilean startup Remote Waters is working to bring clean water to South American businesses, governments, and communities. Their water filtration system processes both groundwater and saltwater, making it easier for them to adapt to the seasonal qualities of water in the region. The system also uses solar panels and monitoring devices for easy maintenance.

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6. Lishtot

Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Funding: N/A

Maintaining water quality can be costly for many communities. The founders of Israeli-based Lishtot are working to bring those costs down with their portable, handheld testing device. Their Test Drop Pro device uses an electrical circuit to detect contaminants in water.

7. Water Warriors Inc.

Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Funding: Unknown

The entrepreneurs at Water Warriors are bringing new filtration technology to the startup scene. Their Poseidon pellets are an innovative solution to absorbing harmful chemicals like phosphorus and ammonia. They come in two sizes: mesh bags for smaller bodies of water and large tubular bags for bigger bodies like lakes and creeks. Not only are they highly effective, but they’re cost-efficient, too!

8. Genesis Systems

Location: Tampa, Florida
Funding: $20.8 Million

Much like Uravu, Genesis Systems utilizes technology that absorbs water vapor in the air to create a clean water supply. However, instead of focusing on the community level, their goal is to provide cleaner water to industrial-level businesses. Not only is their Water Cube technology tackling big issues, but it’s also automated and sustainable as well.

9. eWater Services

Location: Highworth, United Kingdom
Funding: Unknown

One of the difficulties with expanding clean water access is that sometimes people are required to pay for it. However, the founder of eWater Services is aiming to make sure that those in remote locations don’t break the bank for their water supply. They’ve created an app that lets users find their clean water taps within minutes, and for less than $10 per month, they can access clean water for all of their needs. eWater Services mainly operates in Africa.

10. Olea Edge

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