Combatting Stress Culture with Sol Broady of Leilo

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#3: Startup founder Sol Broady joins Annaka and Ethan to discuss how he created Leilo, a kava-based relaxation beverage. After experiencing the calming effects of the kava root while visiting Fiji, Sol began developing a beverage that tasted great and offered consumers “calm in a can.” Sol walks us through the R&D process of creating his beverage and how he forged partnerships to grow and expand his relaxation brand.

Sol Broady is the founder and CEO of Leilo, a non-alcoholic relaxation beverage. Sol created his company while obtaining his undergraduate degree at Columbia University and leveraged the university community to build his team and launch his relaxation brand. 

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Podcast Episode Notes

Who is Sol Broady, and how did he get the idea for his relaxation beverage Leilo? [0:51]

What is kava? [2:20]

How Red Bull defined the energy drink market and what this means for a relaxation drink [8:10]

Bitter taste and difficult to produce — the hurdles of developing a kava beverage [13:01]

Getting students to test a not-always-tasty prototype and the initial steps of R&D [15:10]

Building intrinsic motivation and believing in your vision [20:38]

From horchata to a sleek 12-ounce can — how to invest in your idea and Sol’s approach to establishing yourself in an industry while on a budget. [28:00]

Learning to run with an idea and throwing out the notion that there’s a checklist of needed skills to succeed [32:55]

Mindset is the key to success, and for an entrepreneur, every single day counts [40:18]

Scaling strategies and pivoting business plans during the start of COVID-19 [45:55]

Creating honest marketing and truthful branding that draws in customers and is backed by a solid product [52:12]

Focus on your target market and get your product to those who will want it [54:50]

Don’t over promise and underdeliver — let your product do the talking [57:00]

Red Bull’s origin and building a brand, not just a beverage [1:00:10]

Scaling a brand, entering new locations, and Leilo’s future growth [1:03:12]

Forging partnerships with athletes and sports organizations [1:06:50]

Competing with few competitors — the advantage of entering the market first and the benefits of becoming the first relaxation partner [1:10:45]

Entering new markets and expanding throughout the US [1:14:40]

Sol’s advice for entrepreneurs: Be comfortable with not being perfect, and use entrepreneurship to solve the problems around you [1:18:34]

Entrepreneurship is incredibly rewarding and can be both hard and isolating. Don’t rush into things, and don’t forget to focus on your larger mission. [1:24:28]

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