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The Origin Story of Lo Bosworth’s Startup Love Wellness

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If you are privy to the 2004 MTV reality series, “Laguna Beach,” you may recognize the owner of Love Wellness as Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, one of the leads of the show who later made an appearance on MTV’s follow up reality show “The Hills.” With a television career behind her, Bosworth set her sights on a different goal — hardworking, science-backed wellness products made for women. This is how the reality star turned entrepreneur made it all happen.

Female-First Wellness

Founded in 2015, Love Wellness wasn’t simply a good business idea — it was a solution for health struggles Boswell dealt with intimately. Living with depression, fatigue, anxiety, and vertigo — and struggling to get answers from doctors as to why — it was through a vitamin level test that Boswell finally learned there were several deficiencies that required immediate attention. Unfortunately, Boswell’s story isn’t unheard of. In the US, both children and adults are struggling with vitamin deficiencies at high rates. In fact, according to this study by NCBI, 31% of the US population was at risk of vitamin deficiency or anemia in 2017.

Motivated by a personal demand for better personal care products, this experience propelled Boswell into becoming not only an advocate for wellness products that are rooted in science but also developing a line of her own — filling the market gap for hardworking supplements for women that are backed by science and not riddled with harmful chemicals. 

The products launched by Love Wellness represent the quality and effectiveness of supplements that have been largely missing for women. Additionally, the success of the brand’s sales shows that there was a high demand for exactly what Boswell is offering. One of the brand’s first products, its Good Girl Probiotics, was closing in on the sale of 1 million units and is a best seller at Ulta Beauty. Not to mention, the brand boasted a 1200% growth in 2019. 

However, the power behind the Love Wellness brand extends beyond selling effective, female-first wellness products. The startup is also dedicated to flipping the script on the narrative around self-care for women by providing consumers with agency over their body, health, and well-being through accessible wellness products. Plus, through its partnership with PDC Beauty & Wellness Co., a leading beauty, personal care, and wellness company, Love Wellness seems to have the foundation in place to continue its journey toward creating a healthier, happier self-care culture for women. 

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