10 Best Food Incubators and Accelerators for Startups

Chefs working in a kitchen.

Food incubators and accelerators are designed to launch seed and early-stage startups in the food and beverage industry. If you’re starting your own kitchen, joining one of their programs will typically translate to both financial and professional support as you scale your ideas to fit the needs of your target demographic. 

Food startups that want to develop their menu, purchase the right equipment, and hire the right staff can lean on an incubator or accelerator to make recommendations, provide consulting services, set up networking events, grant direct capital, etc. However, every program and incubator will have its own perks based on their resources and directives, so it’s important to have a handle on what you can expect. If you want our top picks, consider these heavyweights. 

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Top Food Accelerators and Incubators

Food startup incubators can help with all stages of your venture, meaning they can be just as helpful at the beginning of your venture as they are by the time you officially open for business. Whether you want to make over the sprinkler systems for crops or sell your own ice cream, a good incubator will give your company the push it needs to get off the ground. The key is picking one in your niche. 

1. H-Farm

Location: Roncade, Italy
Number of Investments: 87 
Number of Exits: 16

H-Farm was created to help food startups survive in a digital age. The company helps entrepreneurs implement and utilize the right technology to help them get the traction and functionality needed to make a dent in the market. The company even has its own college where entrepreneurs can build a strong foundation before jumping into a venture.  

2. Virtual Network

Location: Nyon, Switzerland
Number of Investments: 32
Number of Exits: 9

The Virtual Network has developed a strong, sustainable business model for businesses in a variety of industries. The incubator provides full support to its program members, assisting from every angle to ensure success. The accelerator stresses the importance of efficient operations and strategic decision-making. 

3. Bits x Bites

Location: Shanghai, China
Number of Investments: 22
Number of Exits: 0

Bits x Bites is attempting to fix the global supply chain by redistributing food all over the world. Farming, logistics, production, distribution: any startup attempting to innovate the process is welcome.  This is a relatively new venture capital firm in China, but it’s highly relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the supply chain.

4. Relish Works

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Number of Investments: 11
Number of Exits: 0

Relish Works is reimagining the future of the food industry. As people experiment with new ways to eat, such as purchasing food kits from companies like Blue Apron, the team is asking questions about what the habits of today tell us about the habits of tomorrow. The company is open to a variety of startups in the food and beverage industry. The much bigger goal is to ensure that every partner in their program has a clear vision of what they want to do and how it will benefit their customers and the larger world. 

5. Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota 
Number of Investments: 54
Number of Exits: 0

Techstars Farm to Fork is a branch of Techstars that focuses on the digital side of the food and agriculture industry. The program seeks entrepreneurs across the food value chain, meaning manufacturing, supply, food safety, waste reduction, and agriculture technology. This incubator starts with the premise that ideas are evenly distributed all over the world, but because of circumstances and opportunities, not everyone gets the chance to make their ideas into a reality. Techstars hopes to change this without support, mentorship, and funding for startup owners who want to modernize their industry. 

6. The Kitchen FoodTech Hub

Location: Ashdod, Israel
Number of Investments: 19
Number of Exits: 1

The Kitchen FoodTech Hub is attempting to disrupt every part of the supply chain, including logistics, sustainability, quality control, production, and marketing. These are food and beverage industry experts who understand how food is made, distributed, and consumed, and the team is there to nurture startups so they can make real changes in a sector that could use some revamping. 

7. THRIVE by SVG Ventures

Location: Los Gatos, California
Number of Investments: 83
Number of Exits: 7

THRIVE by SVG Ventures is an advisory firm for agricultural technology in both the public and private spaces. The incubator is known for helping companies scale their operations with the help of strategic advice, a vast network, and an eye on global expansion. The SVG team gets involved with their startups on a granular level, so they have a clear idea of how to get from one stage to the next.  

8. Foodland Ventures

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Number of Investments: 7
Number of Exits: 0

Foodland Ventures is driving food tech entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive resources to startup founders across the farm-to-table supply chain. The firm is tailor-made for food tech founders and has built an ecosystem of corporate partners, investors, and mentors who know the industry inside and out. If accepted, you’ll be connected with the right people and given the opportunity to showcase your business in a virtual demo. 

9. Union Kitchen

Location: Washington D.C.
Number of Investments: 104
Number of Exits: 0

Union Kitchen is an accelerator that helps startups in the packaged food space. You can craft your recipe in its certified commercial kitchen, scale your business to reach more territories and consumers, and kickstart your learning by taking classes through the incubator. Most companies in consumer packaged goods don’t make it past a certain point in revenue, but Union Kitchen provides a roadmap to its partners so that they have all the information and inspiration they need to get ahead.

10. Grocery Accelerator

Location: London, United Kingdom
Number of Investments: 14
Number of Exits: 0

Grocery Accelerator is a program that gives startup owners the essentials they need to break into the competitive world of grocery chains. While it’s not easy to be accepted by this accelerator, those who are can expect a lifetime of support as the team pushes people to keep climbing even when times are difficult.

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