12 Best Angel Investor Websites for Startups in 2024

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Obtaining funding can be hard for any entrepreneur, but there are resources that gather some of the best investors and give you direct access. The best angel investor sites bring together some of the wealthiest and most successful angel investors and put them in one place.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best angel investor websites and how startups are using them to secure money for their businesses.

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Top Angel Investor Sites

Gaining access to a network of angel investors will substantially increase your ability to secure funding. Below are the top sites to find angel investors and how you can become a member.

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1. AngelList

AngelList should be your first option when searching for an angel investor. This website has a large database of angel investors and startups, and it allows you to filter your search by location, industry, and more. There are over 5 million members on AngelList and over 100,000 startups, employers, and investors. Startups can even connect the platform to their social media accounts to receive recommendations to grow their network.

Members are able to raise funds from angel investors for free after making a profile for their company. Then, they can message investors and connect with them through the website. Startups even have the option of finding employees and workers through the platform. There are engineers, data scientists, product managers, and more on the platform.

2. Gust

Using Gust, entrepreneurs gain access to a platform that includes everything they need to succeed and scale their businesses. There are over 80,000 investment experts and 800,000 companies all over the world that use Gust. This website has been used to raise over $50 billion in funding. Gust even includes a service called Accelerate, which assists in launching a product and covers all legal blocks.

Gust provides entrepreneurs with resources such as a CRM, investor communications, and legal documents. They also offer free access to their online community, which includes a forum and blog posts. This website is best for entrepreneurs who are looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to finding resources and investors. Any entrepreneur with little experience obtaining an angel investor will enjoy the convenience of gust.

3. Angel Investment Network

You won't find a larger group of angel investors in one place than you will with Angel Investment Network. This website has over 300,000 investors and has helped entrepreneurs raise over $300 million. In addition, entrepreneurs can search for investors by location and industry. A large number of investors makes it ideal for businesses of all industries and markets to join.

This website is different from others because it also provides resources such as a blog, forum, and articles on how to raise capital. They also offer fundraising courses that help entrepreneurs learn more about the process of obtaining an angel investor. This website is perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey to raise capital and don't already have a large network.

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4. Angel Capital Association

Angel Capital Association is unique in that it functions as a non-profit trade association. This website is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to connect with a group of highly-vetted and qualified angel investors. There are over 15,000 members in the Angel Capital Association from all over the world, including Canada, South America, and the Middle East. Although, they largely concentrate on investors from the USA.

The platform also offers professional development as part of its membership. They have an online community, webinars, and conferences that entrepreneurs can attend. This website is best for entrepreneurs who want to work with angel investors that believe in the sustainability of the industry. The advocacy of the ACA with decision-makers helps protect the rights of angel investors.

5. Angel Forum

Angel Forum is another nonprofit organization that focuses on the Canadian market. It is essentially a marketplace for entrepreneurs and angel investors to connect. They have a selective process for entrepreneurs who want to join and present at their events. Startups can join the platform for free, but angel investors are required to pay a $315 yearly membership fee. Each founder has ten minutes to pitch and ten additional minutes for a Q&A.

This website offers more than just the connection between entrepreneur and investor. Entrepreneurs can learn about the condition of BC's early-stage ecosystem and engage with professionals in the same field. The platform allows social media integration to connect with people you may already know.

6. Funded

Funded is more than just a place to find angel investors; entrepreneurs are able to access a wealth of resources that help launch, expand, and create businesses with investors. The company has received several awards for its commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed. They even have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

The Funded Lender Match feature helps connect founder pitches to the right investors quickly. By creating a profile, startup founders are able to connect with people, businesses, and investors. This can include angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and seed capital. What makes the platform nice is investors don't have to pay anything to join. There are also opportunities for founders to seek alternative forms of funding like microloans.

7. Envestors

Envestors works similarly to many other angel investor platforms in that it helps connect startups with potential investors. However, what makes this website different is it also provides information about the latest news, events, and resources for entrepreneurs and is based in the UK. They have a wide range of services, such as market reports, subscription services, and an academy. The platform has over 4,000 angel investors and has helped facilitate more than 500 investments into various firms over the years.

The website has been operational for over 15 years and has helped raise over £100 million for startups. They have a team of professional advisors that help entrepreneurs with their pitches and business plans. This is a great website for entrepreneurs who want to be well-informed about the latest news in the startup industry as well as have access to resources that can help them succeed.

8. Golden Seeds

In 2021, female founders of companies only secured 2% of the venture capital in the US. It's the smallest share since 2016 and a sign that the industry lacks women entrepreneur resources. Golden Seeds addresses the issue by creating a network of over 340 angel investors focused on investing in women-led businesses. Women can access the Golden Seeds network to receive guidance on developing their businesses faster.

The organization requires companies who are seeking funding to have at least one woman in a C-suite role or be led by a woman. The company has successfully invested over $170 million in more than 225 different women-led businesses. Golden Seeds have a number of meetings and events throughout the year that help connect women entrepreneurs with investors as well as provide resources and advice.

9. Wefunder

Wefunder was created through a JOBS Act program and allows investors to fund entrepreneurs with as little as $100. The platform works similarly to a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter, but investors receive equity in the company instead of rewards. Wefunder has helped startup companies raise over $616 million and has helped over 2,700 entrepreneurs. Startups using the company can raise anywhere from $50,000 to $5 million.

The website is easy to use and provides a lot of information about each startup that is seeking funding. This includes the amount of money they are looking to raise, how much they have raised so far, their business plan, and more. Wefunder is a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking to raise a smaller amount of money and don't mind giving up equity in their company.

10. Leapfunder

Leapfunder has been committed to helping entrepreneurs seek funding for years and specializes in early-stage funding. The convertible note is their core offering, but investors only need a minimum investment of $1,000 to start. It's a Dutch company that helps with funding but doesn't currently offer entrepreneurs any access to financial guidance. The company focuses on entrepreneurs and angel investors in the European area.

There are no complexities involved with investing, unlike traditional angel investments. Instead, it's a simple, fast, and easy process that has helped over 500 companies raise millions of dollars. They have a wide range of investees from all different industries, which makes it easy for entrepreneurs to find the right match. Leadfunder even organizes events where entrepreneurs can connect with investors as well as other entrepreneurs in person.

11. iAngels

Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia both started iAngels as a way to help other women get into angel investing. They're based in Israel but have expanded to include investors from all over the world. The company gives investors exclusive access to some of Israel's best tech and scaleup investment opportunities.

iAngels is easily one of the most active investors in the Israeli tech ecosystem. The company currently has over 6,000 active startups, with over 1,400 new startups added each year. This makes it ideal for investors who want to be at the forefront of new and upcoming technologies. The company helps investors build a customized venture portfolio that is led by some of the country's best entrepreneurs.

12. LetsVenture

LetsVenture is a private market ecosystem for more than 400 businesses in India. The platform has over 19,000 investors from 60 different countries and over 34,000 registered businesses. In total, the company has funded more than $140 million to startups and entrepreneurs. Some of the biggest names in financing, including Accel, Ratan Tata, and Chiratae Ventures, are attached to LetsVenture.

They have created a full suite of product solutions for creators, including LV Fuel, Founder and Support, and more. All investors are helped with risk management, and there is no monthly fee. The various products and large network make it a pristine community to join for entrepreneurs in India.

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