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Startups looking into expense management cards often experience difficulty finding a reliable company that issues beneficial startup corporate cards. However, when choosing between Brex and BILL, comparisons are necessary for individuals who want information, mainly to determine how a specific card is one of the best startup credit cards for its users.

This review will provide a detailed Brex vs. BILL analysis, focusing on qualities, challenges, benefits, and unique aspects. Read on to decide which product best meets your interest and needs.

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BILL vs. Brex: What Sets Them Apart


Brex doesn’t require customers to pay a minimum balance upon opening an account. On the other hand, BILL customers have to pay a $500-$1,000 minimum deposit to finance their credit line. Also, they’re charged at least 0.90% for international transactions, a 0.20% currency conversion fee, and a late payment fee starting at 2.99%.

Features and Rewards

Brex offers a top rewards rate of 8x on qualified purchases and weekly payments, while BILL only allows users to earn a slightly lower rate at 7x. In contrast, Brex doesn’t conduct credit checks, but BILL requires applicants to have a satisfactory credit score to qualify for a corporate card.


Brex and BILL mainly defer by their contrasting fee policies, mainly due to BILL's fluctuating fees compared to Brex’s fee-free commitment. Some users may consider the differences to decide which company has one of the best startup credit cards. Also, they want excellent services, offers, features, and rates to develop trust in a specific company.

BILL vs. Brex: Similarities


BILL and Brex card users must finance their credit accounts to create a limit. They also receive exclusive rewards if they avoid late fees for a particular period throughout the year. Additionally, employees can apply for virtual credit cards to make subscription payments, initiate retail purchases, and avoid overspending. Brex users must maintain a balance of at least $50,000 in a business bank account, while BILL doesn’t disclose such a requirement.

Features and Rewards

Brex and BILL offer loyalty points accumulated through specific business-related purchases. Each point is worth 1 cent, which customers can collect until they decide to redeem a particular amount at hotels and restaurants, depending on participating company partners.


Many Brex and BILL cardholders have expressed satisfaction as users. Both companies are praised for their top-notch features, customer service, and beneficial offers, which are good qualities to look for in the best startup corporate credit cards. While Brex maintains a 4.5-star rating, BILL follows closely with 4.3 stars and exceptional reviews.

Should I Apply for a BILL Divvy Corporate Card?

BILL does a great job rewarding account holders for paying off their balances more frequently. It's a reward rarely seen in the credit card industry and works very well with no hidden or annual fees.

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BILL vs. Brex: Corporate Cards

BILL Divvy Corporate Card

The BILL Divvy Corporate Card, part of the Visa network, is a suitable option for startups focused on building their business credit history. Whether an organization or a small proprietor, this card is handy despite the size of your startup because it allows you control over your spending. A corporate credit line is suitable if you’ve obtained startup corporate cards, mainly for options outside well-known competitors. 

Cardholders can receive privileges if they consistently maintain a positive account status, avoid overdrafts, and monitor spending. Additionally, if they make timely bill payments, maintain at least a 30% credit utilization score, and avoid overspending, they qualify for exclusive discounts and other incentives. They also can receive lower rates, depending on the frequency of their payments.

BILL's corporate card offer may also net exclusive rewards for users who prefer to track their balances. Also, startup entrepreneurs who use points for travel due to BILL's unique rewards system may receive money-saving incentives. The corporate card may be among the best without an annual premium if you pay off your entire balance each week. It also provides exceptional rewards rates and various essential advantages that make budgeting for workers and monitoring spending easy.

Features and Rewards:

Integrated Accounting: Users can link their financial data for free through BILL's third-party accounting partners, including Xero, FreshBooks, ZipBooks, and NetSuite. Additionally, Intacct is available, allowing users to initiate money request communication.

Expense Management: BILL helps companies create expenditures by using real-time data to analyze spending on a single platform. They simplify spending management by encouraging people to manage and keep a record of all monetary operations, including administrative expenses and routine funds transfers.

Business Incentives: BILL includes exclusive offers from its closest business partners participating in its rewards program. Whether you conduct business with a particular partner, these offers may have varying values for various users, which is crucial when choosing among the best business credit cards.

The benefits of the BILL Divvy Corporate Card also include quick approval and several easy steps during the application process. They also provide credit scalability for growing startups and a few rewards you may find beneficial: 

  • 7x on dining 
  • 5x on hotels
  • 2x on recurring software subscriptions
  • 1.5x on other expenses 

You can also earn special incentives through Brex’s corporate partners, such as Bamboo HR, Google Ads, and Amazon. On the other hand, exclusive virtual cards are available to employees who want to get the most out of their business-related purchases.

Security Protection: BILL incorporates security protocols such as multi-factor verification, Android biometric recognition, and smartphone Touch/Face ID integration in its apps and meets the Data Protection Standard. AI uses technological elements for user verification and suspicious card activity.

Fees and Interest Rates:

  • Transaction Charges: Cardholders will pay a 0.20% rate if they make purchases within the US or 0.90% in Canada.
  • International Currency Fees: 0.20% is the base rate cardholders can expect to pay for card activity in any location outside the US.
  • Overdue Balances: Cardholders can see a charge of up to 2.99% if they make late payments.
  • Flex Limit: BILL charges varying fees that users can repay over one to two months.

Brex Corporate Card

The Brex corporate card, a Mastercard product, is essential for customers who want only one business credit lender. While similar to BILL Divvy Corporate Card, it operates as a charge card with credit capabilities, which allow users to make purchases under their business name without paying initial fees. Another contrast is the card’s no-debt transfer option and 0% interest offer. During the application process, users must sign an agreement consenting to exclusive card use, mainly to receive high reward rates through purchases and subscriptions.

Real-time screening allows Brex to offer up to 10 to 20 times higher credit limits than those provided by conventional credit cards. Also, Brex consistently monitors startup bank accounts to adjust the spending limit based on a user's existing cash balances and income, reducing the chance of a card default.

Brex stands out because it considers several factors while establishing a company's eligibility for a card. For instance, if your startup is only a year old, Brex will consider its age during an evaluation. The company may also analyze your revenue if your ecommerce company overspends. Also, if your business has no income and hasn't raised any investment, your credit file could be irrelevant due to a short financial history.

Features and Rewards:

Highly-Rated Mobile App: The Brex mobile app is available to startups for easy account access while away from the office or traveling. Users can receive reimbursements, add receipts immediately after transactions, and manage incentives. Google Play and Apple rate the app over 4 out of five stars, with more exceptional feedback than negative reviews from satisfied users.

Bill Pay: Brex allows car users to make recurring monthly, weekly, or daily payments through their accounts to ensure they pay their bills promptly. Also, auto-pay is an available option for cardholders to activate a payment schedule, mainly for subscriptions and other recurring financial commitments.

Customer Perks: The Brex corporate card is fee-free, doesn't require a personal commitment, and is paid daily, although you can also receive monthly reports. With Brex cash, you get integrated expense admin tools that allow you to develop transaction approval systems, schedule payouts, and modify access privileges.

You can also establish monthly credit limits, automatically verify invoices, send alerts for delayed payments, and receive several rewards: 

  • 8x on Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare providers 
  • 5x on travel
  • 4x on dining 
  • 3x on subscription software (SaaS products) 
  • 3x on eligible Apple products
  • 1x on additional costs

Instant Revenue: While some third-party payment networks offer payouts up to a couple of weeks after transactions, Brex’s instant payouts are more convenient for cardholders who prefer to receive their money immediately. Square, PayPal, and Stripe are three major online wallets that provide instant revenue to Brex corporate card users.

Fees and Interest Rates:

  • Brex doesn’t charge wire and cash fees, nor do they charge users for card activity.
  • Users don’t have to pay interest charges despite a few other Brex transaction limitations.
  • Brex has a 0% introductory APR and doesn’t charge inflated rates for small purchases. 
  • Users don’t pay foreign fees due to Brex’s fee-free terms.

BILL vs. Brex: The Bottom Line

BILL promises excellent tools to help almost any business on the market. It boasts rewards that can save a fair bit of cash, tools to help streamline expenses, and a flexible credit line. However, Brex offers fee-free options that can draw new users to its credit-building program.

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