Copper CRM Review 2024

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An easy-to-use software, Copper makes it easy for businesses to manage sales leads while also working to build customer relationships over time. 

In this  Copper CRM review, we take a  closer look at the platform’s pros, cons, features,  and pricing to help you determine if it is the best CRM tool for your startup.

Pros and Cons of Copper CRM

Copper makes it easy for teams to make better use of administrative professionals by automating, streamlining, and managing client relationships in a more robust but easy-to-manage method. There are a few key benefits to consider and a couple of drawbacks to keep in mind.

Pros of Copper CRM Software

  • Can access many of the features through Gmail or your inbox
  • Leads can be pulled directly from email to lead management listing
  • Provides full integration with G Suite products, including Gmail and Google Calendar

Cons of Copper CRM Software

  • Basic plan only supports three users
  • May not work with Yahoo, Office 365, or Outlook email hosting

Copper CRM Pricing and Features

Cost is important to any startup or proven business when it comes to CRMs, and Copper does a good job of competing with others. The plans start at $213 and range to $99, with a free trial, making it easier to try it out to see if it fits your goals and needs before committing long term.

Basic ($23+/User/Month)

Notable Features:

  • Up to 2,500 contacts
  • Provides pipelines
  • Available contact enrichment
  • Available Google Workspace integration
  • Contact enrichment

Professional ($49+/User/Month)

Notable Features:

  • Up to 15,000 contacts
  • Provides reporting options
  • Produce bulk emails with templates
  • Integration with various tools
  • Workflow automation

Business ($99+/User/Month)

Notable Features:

  • LinkedIn integration
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Available lead scoring
  • Website tracking
  • Drip campaigns and email sequencing

Copper CRM Reviews

Learning what other users think about the CRM is one of the best ways to see how well it will fit your needs. 

Here are some verified reviews from TrustRadius by people who used Copper CRM:

“Copper has helped me extensively keep track of not only my own but my company’s workflow. With so many projects and quotes to track, it has become essential to keep me on task and not miss any of our goals. It has been a perfect fit with our specific workflow, but I don’t think it has the customizability just yet to be a perfect fit for every company out there.”

“Honestly, I think Copper is a great CRM for any startup. They’re small enough to where they are very accommodating to their clients but large enough to have a ton of integrations with other business tools that a company may use. The toughest thing with Copper is when your business model may not revolve around a set Value derived from each customer. If your company doesn’t view a sale/client as set dollar amount, a lot of the features, KPIs, etc. become essentially useless.”

“Copper is the perfect CRM for businesses and organizations that use G-Suite. It integrates seamlessly with Google products and makes data entry a thing of the past. With a simple click, you can import leads from your Gmail conversations or import a prebuilt list in a matter of minutes. Copper is truly customizable and is very easy to make the CRM work for you. It is very easy to create custom fields, manage leads, people and opportunities, and run reports on user activity, pipelines, and more. I think Copper is less appropriate for organizations that may need very complex CRM environments and do not leverage Gmail or G-suite products. Copper is the CRM for Google users.”

Copper CRM is a versatile tool designed to provide some key features for teams. Users specifically benefit from the tool’s features, such as the automation that helps to get more done in less time. Task automation is solid, such as with features like the elimination of manual data entry and auto-population of fields.

It is also very simple to learn, which is a core benefit that Copper offers over others. It’s easy to search for tasks, pull up tracking, or gather more insight, thanks to the intuitive sidebar on the device. All activities are easily managed, too, so it’s easy enough to go back to previous tasks.

Users also appreciate the lead management tools, which include generation, storing, and nurturing tools, including importing leads from popular tools like Salesforce, Excel, and LinkedIn. One of the key ways it can be helpful is by searching through emails or other interactions to suggest the next actions to take with a particular lead, working much more as a supportive personal assistant.

Also notable is the customization of the tool, which allows for a simple way to generate customized reports for any team member. This includes a tool that provides a drag-and-drop interface to make building reports simple. Use them to track activity, conversions, and much more.

How Does Copper CRM Compare?

There are plenty of competitors out there that offer CRM software for startups. One of the more popular is HubSpot. We find that Copper compares to HubSpot in the following ways:


When it comes to pricing, start with the free trial available from both providers. The entry-level price for Copper is $23 per month, while HubSpot provides a free tool to use. The Sales Hub Starter from HubSpot is $50, which compares to the Basic Edition from Copper. The Copper Professional Edition is a fraction of the cost of HubSpot’s Sales Hub Professional, at $49 compared to $500. The highest tier option from HubSpot is $1,200 per month with support for up to 10 users, while the Copper Business Edition is $99 per month, though it doesn’t offer as many of the features expected. 


When it comes to features, some Copper features stand out more so than the same on HubSpot, especially the contact and account management features which are so streamlined and easy to use as well as the pipeline management tools. It also offers product and price list management and quote and customer contract management that’s automated and fully supported. 

HubSpot stands out with its task and activity management feature, which is simply more robust, and its quote and order management system, which is more fully customizable and offers an easy overall functionality than Copper.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the higher-end HubSpot solutions are more robust, but they are harder to learn and manage by most teams. The CRM from Copper is far more simplistic in terms of learning and applying to your business, which can be valuable for many startups.


In integrations, both platforms offer plenty of options, including data importing and exporting tools. Integration APIs tend to be a bit better with Copper, but when it comes to having more application partners, HubSpot wins simply because it is a bigger and more well-known platform. For those who use Google for operations, Copper is the leader.


Customizations are available through both providers, though, without exception, Copper’s solutions seem to be more robust. There are more features and tools to compare and build reports, and the entire process works on a simple, drag-and-drop platform, making it simple to update.

Reporting and Analytics

In reporting and analytics, two key areas for any CRM for startup sales teams, HubSpot does a great job with the overall process, providing more ready-to-go reports for users. The dashboards are also more streamlined and easy to refine (it’s a matter of a few clicks to build the report you need). Copper does a good job and remains competitive in this area, and excels in the forecasting features it offers.

Customer Support

As for customer service, both companies do a good job with onboarding and supporting clients. They also offer fast responses to problems for troubleshooting.


Pricing starts at: $23/user/month

In Business Since 2006

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Pricing starts at: $0

In Business Since 2006

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Final Thoughts on Copper CRM

A highly competitive product priced at a fraction of the cost, Copper is a solid choice for nearly all startups looking for a competitive product. It is easy to learn, and while it is not as robust as options like HubSpot, it is fully functional and meets most needs at a fraction of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copper CRM?

Copper CRM is a customer relationship management tool that primarily uses automation. It works primarily with Google platforms to provide quality CRM services.

What does Copper CRM do?

Copper CRM works to build custom workflows that can create tasks and update profiles of contacts. It can also change the status of a lead. The program can also track contacts and schedules.

Is Copper CRM owned by Google?

Copper CRM is not owned by Google. However, it is highly recommended by Google, as Copper’s software program works well with Google’s platform.

What CRM is better than Copper?

HubSpot may be a better option than Copper based on the fact that they offer free options at a number of levels as well as the fact that it can be used on multiple platforms and not primarily Google.