Best Employee Training Software for Startups

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Are you looking for ways to onboard new employees? Or maybe you want to improve employee retention rates by offering better training and resources? In either case, the best employee training software for startups can help. Here are the best elearning platforms for startups.

Elearning is a great way to deliver information to employees. The best employee training software for startups can be used to deliver content on several topics.

Top Elearning Services for Employee Onboarding

Elearning is an effective way of delivering information to employees. It’s also a great way of increasing employee engagement levels. The best employee training software for startup companies can be used to deliver content on a variety of topics, including:

  • Company culture
  • Leadership skills
  • Sales techniques
  • Customer service
  • Marketing strategies

The best elearning platform will allow you to create courses that are customized for each department within your company. This ensures that all employees receive training tailored to their role.

1. 360Learning

360Learning is a collaboration-focused learning management system (LMS). Courses can be created in minutes, not months. Learners communicate inside the LMS — engaging with the lessons, educators, and each other. 

360Learning is best for startup companies that want a simple yet feature-rich online learning platform. 360Learning created a platform that is easy for startups to use, great for creating content, and can measure learning outcomes to improve upon course content.

2. Userlane

Userlane is an interactive learning platform that acts as a bridge between software developers and users. The platform lets software companies create interactive guides to educate users on the fundamentals and intricacies of the software. Userlane is best for startup software companies that desire higher product adoption rates, fewer support tickets, and higher user satisfaction.

3. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is an online learning platform created to make learning an ongoing activity and a pillar of corporate culture. Startup companies can use LearnUpon for onboarding employees, teaching processes, improving retention, and educating customers. 

LearnUpon comes loaded with features — a course creation environment, webinars, useful application integrations, and even a revenue-generating ecommerce solution. LearnUpon is best for companies that need an enterprise-level learning platform that will scale alongside the business.

4. Intellum

Intellum delivers online training with the help of its external education professionals and dedicated platform specialists. Startups use the Intellum LMS platform for many purposes — creating certification programs, onboarding employees, training staff, and educating customers. “Outcomes-focused,” Intellum is best for training purposes and aligning employees and customers with the products and services being sold.

5. Udemy Business

Udemy Business is one part of the larger Udemy platform that lets content creators and subject matter experts develop and sell courses to Udemy’s massive online education marketplace. Udemy Business makes it so startup companies can use the same powerful Udemy LMS platform and features to educate teams as fast as possible. Udemy Business is best for startups who want ongoing educational support for their employees.

6. Apty

Apty is a training platform designed to help companies adopt new technologies and software. It works alongside your existing software in the background to make it more usable. Aptly users get advice, are presented instructions, and are told what to do to navigate and use complex software. Apty is best for startups that adopt complex software to make onboarding and using software easier, increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the organization. 

7. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is an LMS that helps startups implement a culture of learning within the organization. Its platform is designed to act more like a resource for employees to go to for help when needed, and it also gives startups access to soft skills training modules that have already been created. 

TalentLMS is best for businesses that want to use learning as a way of onboarding, developing staff, and providing additional support to employees.

8. Docebo

Docebo is an all-in-one learning suite that is designed to bring education and knowledge into the workplace, where the flow of work happens. Its LMS is designed to fit into software used every day without the user needing to switch between programs. It also fits into a company’s CRM (for example, SalesForce) to make learning about products and sales processes easier and more profitable. 

Docebo also measures everything, giving companies important data insights to create growth opportunities for the company. Docebo is the LMS for the startup that wants everything under one roof.

9. ProProfs

ProProfs offers more than just an LMS for creating courses — it combines learning alongside marketing tools like exit popups and overlays, customer outreach tools, and more to offer support to employees and website visitors alike. 

ProProfs offers a forum for building a learning community as well as course creation tools. It even offers a help desk where learners and customers can get assistance anytime. ProProfs is great for startups who want to build a long-term, ever-advancing learning environment.

10. Whistle

Whistle is an LMS that was founded on a behavioral learning model that connects with learners to facilitate learning motivation. It has a built-in incentive program so that employees are rewarded for mastering key lessons. 

Whistle has also been designed to help startups build courses around business outcomes so that employees are actually learning skills that are influencing those outcomes. Everything is measured. This LMS is great for startups that want to reward employees as the company is rewarded through their efforts.