Rhode Island

To date, the government of Rhode Island has posted a number of improvement in terms of the business climate in the state. These improvements include restructuring the state income tax, correcting regulatory conditions, expanding new industries, and more.

With all these changes being implemented, Rhode Island will now become more competitive with other states in terms of providing more opportunities for individuals who want to start a business in the state.

To further boost the chances of an even more successful startup, this guide provides comprehensive lists on various resources required to start a Rhode Island business.


The Rhode Island government website is the primary source of everything related to starting a business in the state. It provides a comprehensive number of information regarding various aspects of starting a Rhode Island business from resources, incentives and financing, taxation, business filings, licenses and regulations and more.


The Rhode Island Small Business Journal is a business publication that contains a vast amount of information related to business. This business journal is an ideal local resource for first time and experienced aspiring entrepreneurs in the Rhode Island area.


The Cherrystone Angel Group is the first ever organized angel investment company in Rhode Island. As such, the group’s members are dedicated to helping startups and early-stage companies obtain the funding they need while at the same time, actively working with the entrepreneurs to ensure their success.


Founders League is Rhode Island’s premier startup community that makes great things happen with their support services and resources. The Founders League provides a conducive co-working space for making things happen complete with events and programming in all stages of business development to achieve maximum results.


Hatch Entrepreneurial Center provides the perfect co-working space for curious innovators, passionate professionals, and future entrepreneurial leaders in Rhode Island. Hatch Entrepreneurial Center also provides legal, marketing, and consulting assistance to entrepreneurs.


RevUp by Betaspring is an accelerator program, the first of its kind for revenue first companies. Aside from receiving financial support, companies enrolled in the RevUp program also go through an intensive three-month program to help them grow and acquire the customers needed.


The Link boasts of being the hottest startup community with an abundance of land and resources to make things happen. The Link has one of the most comprehensive talent bases in the state, and therefore, it can also assist you with collaborations. More importantly, The Link also has financial programs to help startups.


The Hive is a co-working facility located in the Southern Rhode Island. As a collaborative and community-based co-working space, The Hive features a convenient and conducive workspace from fixed desks, private offices, group tables, conference rooms, and other ideal spaces to develop and create new businesses.


Social Enterprise Greenhouse supports various enterprises and social entrepreneurs with the right tools and networks so they can thrive in the competitive world of business. The organization takes on the ecosystem approach to achieve all these, from accessing capital, accelerating enterprise, expanding market to leveraging policy.


SCORE is dubbed as the Counselors to America’s Small Business, providing comprehensive business mentoring services to small business all across the country. As a Non-Profit organization, SCORE provides its services free of charge. In addition, SCORE also schedules regular seminars and workshops for a very nominal fee. The SCORE mentoring is provided by active and retired entrepreneurs and business experts who volunteer their time and energy for the development of small businesses.


The Small Business Administration is a US government initiative created in 1953 to help sustain the country’s economy with the creation of small businesses. The agency lives by its 3Cs principles – capital, contracts, counseling. The Small Business Administration administers several loan programs to provide capital assistance to small businesses. It also features a number of entrepreneurial development programs to help in the area of business counseling. In the aspect of contracting, the SBA has several business development programs and federal contracting.