Personal Development Guides for Women in Business

Notepad stating, "Goal, Plan, Action" and various office accessories.

Women business owners face additional roadblocks compared to their male counterparts when starting and expanding their companies. Some of this is due to less available opportunities for women in a male-dominated world.

Our aim is to close the gender gap and provide women with the necessary guides so they can lead with confidence and run successful businesses.

Personal Development Guides

Confident business women drinking coffee in an office setting.

How to Build Confidence as a Female Entrepreneur

The success of women in the workplace is stifled for many reasons.

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Woman leading a meeting.

How to Close the Gender Leadership Gap

Gender stereotypes and implicit biases play large roles in the gender leadership gap.

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Three smiling businesswomen.

Pathway to the C-Suite — A Business Guide for Women

We have some tips on how women can beat the odds and scale the corporate ladder a little quicker.

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Woman business owner in suit presenting to her team.

How to Earn Respect as a Woman CEO

Explore the best ways in which your leadership can be the example that earns you the utmost accolades as an entrepreneur.

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