5 Online Trends to Win New Markets With Your Startup

As a startuper who keeps up with the times, you understand the importance of online presence and reputation. Modern technologies and Internet trends make every business online today.

Competitors don’t sleep, and the fast-moving world dictates its rules, whispering you to go on and win new markets. With that in mind, it’s worth implementing online business trends.

According to the KPCB report on the 2015 Internet trends, today’s key trends for online businessmen to keep in mind are:

  • Internet user growth;
  • Smartphone subscription growth;
  • User-generated content;
  • Connectivity 24/7;
  • Innovative business models.

Let’s try to sort them out.

1) Internet User Growth

2.8 billion people use the Internet today, and this number grows constantly: +8% of Internet users compared with their number in 2014. 33% more people started using the Internet in India, 7% more users joined the Internet in China, and 2% new Internet users are from the USA.

To think globally, 51% of Internet users are from China and other Asian countries, while only 10% are from the USA. Isn’t it a reason to enter new markets to cover a wider audience?

Globalization and mobility say it all, leading startupers to change the ways online business should work for success.

2. Smartphone Subscription Growth

eMarketer claims that two billion consumers will have got smartphones by 2016. Mobile data traffic increased by 69% last year, and around 40% of Internet users use smartphones for online operations, including downloads, subscriptions, and purchases.

That’s the reason to change your online business, making it more mobile-friendly to attract new consumers and not to lose returning ones.

Image source: kpcb.com

What you can do to stay in trend:

  • to optimize your ad formats to mobile (for example, new ad formats emerge in China now, and if you plan to enter and win their market you should keep that in mind);
  • to optimize your buy buttons to mobile;
  • to interact with your customers through mobiles (different messaging applications and platforms are available today: use them for notification of your customers from different countries (markets).

It’s also important to understand that if you want to stay in trend – you should think of changing the business process itself: documentation, finances, interaction with employees become mobile, too; so, if you haven’t done it yet it’s high time to think of it.

Visitor management and employee training become mobile too, and it’s very comfortable for companies that outsource workers (writers, content marketers, SMM managers, etc.).

3) User-Generated Content

Content changes. There is content for every particular market, depending on its specifications, cultural and geographical differences; with that in mind, hire content writers who will write texts by reference to your target audience and let you cover the market of customers you need.

Freelancers are a good variant to try, as well as professional vendors ready to help you enter global markets.

  1. Guru – find professionals from different fields to outsource.
  2. Bid4Papers – hire professional writers to create content on different niches by reference to your target audience.
  3. Upwork – hire writers, designers, developers and consultants from all over the world.
  4. Contently – publish your brand and hire professional writers, find useful tools for your business.
  5. Jobs.Problogger – hire experienced writers to create content for your blog or website.
  6. Blogging Pro – publish your project to find writers who can help you generate and distribute content.
  7. Freelancer – find freelance writers from different countries to hire.

Plus, you can always use technical tools to create content for your startup.

Before hiring a writer or a blogger online, make sure you know answers to these nine important questions.

4) Connectivity 24/7

Ways people buy and work change because of changing the ways they connect: 84% of Internet users choose connecting online rather than offline to solve their problems; and 64% use their smartphones for that.

Taking millennials (people aged 15-35) as your potential customers, you should understand they think differently today: they are a new generation who lives online with their mobile devices; they want to stay connected 24/7, so give it to them.

Take this trend into consideration when choosing the best option to connect with customers. Thanks to mobile devices, you have an opportunity to influence your target audience, increasing traffic and conversion for your business to flourish and win new markets.

5) Innovative business models

Using online platforms for entering new markets is your must. To supplement income, you should be more flexible; eBay, Upwork, Uber and other marketplaces can be a good variant to try and win some new markets.

Benefits are obvious: you’ll get more customers from different countries (markets); your business will grow due to new opportunities and competition boost; you’ll get direct feedback and interaction with your target audience to understand their needs better.

To make a long story short, online platforms help you become a money maker.

Okay, and now what?

To enter global markets and win some new markets, your business should be mobile and flexible.


  • innovative online platforms appear;
  • social media influence consumers;
  • marketplaces grow online;
  • employees competition rises;
  • alternative work arrangements appear.

To survive in this fast-moving world, you should know the latest trends, implement them, use emerging techs, and work with experts to give your consumers what they want.

About the Author: Lesley J. Vos is a content creator and blogger, sharing advice on education, startups, content marketing, and social media with those who need it. Please, feel free to contact Lesley on Twitter at @LesleyVos, or drop her a line at G+.