UpCodes Is a Startup Company That Ensures Buildings Are Code Compliant

3D crane illustration building CODE out of bricks.

UpCodes is an AI (artificial intelligence) startup company that is solving the problem of building compliance, and it’s raised over $3 million to help do it.

What the Code Compliance Startup Business Is All About

Building restrictions can be tricky to figure out and laborious to research, but UpCodes wants to make it simpler. The AI program from the startup business scans 3D models of buildings and alerts customers to problems of code compliance that might be a problem. These problems could include issues with the wall construction, foundation, or flooring of a business. When the program notices them, it alerts the consumer so that they can make changes.

But there’s more — a searchable code compliance database compiled by the AI startup company responds to questions like, “how many doors need to be in an office?” or, “how wide do hallways need to be?” Just ask the UpCodes program, and it’ll direct you to the answers.

UpCode’s Clients

The AI code compliance startup company could very well turn into an invaluable asset for a company in construction or just a business looking to do some renovations. In fact, UpCodes counts Stantec, ARCO National Construction, SOM, Ennead Architects, Airbnb, Cornell University, and the State University of New York among the more than 500,000 monthly users of the AI startup business.

Investments in the AI Business

Investors are also keen on the idea. The most recent funding round of the AI startup business, which amounted to $3.36 million, raised the total startup company funding to $4.15 million.

Point Nine Capital led the startup company funding round, with contributions from PlanGrid co-founders Ryan Sutton-Fee, Ralph Gootee, Tracy Young, and Kenny Stone; Bragiel Brothers; CapitalX; Flex Capital; and Liquid 2 Ventures.

The Aims of the AI Code Compliance Startup Business

“Our end goal is that no matter who you are or what level of sophistication you have with building codes, you can go into a friendly interface and answer your code question,” startup business owner Scott Reynolds, who worked as an architect before founding the AI code compliance company with his brother in 2016, told TechCrunch.

“We’ve heard from users that they’ll be looking at one particular section of the code, and they’ll make the building compliant to that, but not realize there’s a more stringent piece of code somewhere else,” he said. “… It causes huge downstream issues because they don’t have the full picture of it, so that’s what we’re trying to solve.”

UpCodes is in a good spot, market-wise. The building code startup company is in an economy marked by massive startup business investments in 2020, which totaled $156.2 billion. Consider the value of AI business in America, and it looks even better. Factor in the existing success the startup company has had and the connections it has already made, and the market may have born a big player.

Elijah Labby

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