Menufy Integrates With Square

By McKenzie Carpenter Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Many businesses have been forced to transition to online formats due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Menufy, a mobile online food ordering startup app company, is helping Independently-owned restaurants and small business chains develop online ordering systems. Today, the app company announced it will be integrating with fintech business Square to further support restaurant growth.

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Integration With Square

Offering mobile app and online meal ordering capabilities, Menufy is a startup company that provides digital menus for thousands of restaurants, allowing customers to order directly from one app. The app delivery company announced today it will be integrating the startup’s platform with fintech app business, Square.

Susan Escher, CFO at Menufy, said, “We're thrilled to integrate with Square, a fintech innovator that empowers businesses of all shapes and sizes like many of our partner restaurants...As part of our freemium offering, this seamless integration brings operational harmony at no additional costs for restaurateurs.”

The partnership between the food ordering and delivery app company and the fintech business means that restaurateurs who use the Square Restaurants point-of-sale, or POS, with Menufy can now fully control the restaurant’s online menu, automatically synchronize inventory, and streamline bookkeeping. In addition, the partnership with the $102.33 billion fintech app business will support curbside pickup.

Head of Partner Management at the fintech app company, Gabriella Hernandez, said, “Times have been tough for restaurants as of late...We're looking forward to working with Menufy to provide our sellers with access to the tools they need to thrive in this difficult, unpredictable, and rapidly evolving business environment.”

The news of this new partnership between the startup company and Square comes nearly a year after Menufy announced it integrated its platform with giant tech business, Google. Additionally, Startup Savant reported last week that Square is buying a majority stake in music streaming app, Tidal.

Restaurant and Food Industry News

The food and restaurant industry has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic due to capacity limitations and shutdowns. The National Restaurant Association reported that the total sales for the restaurant industry at the end of 2020 was $240 billion below the pre-pandemic forecast. Additionally, the same report revealed that 110,000 eating and drinking establishments were temporarily or permanently closed. Furthermore, 2.1 million jobs in the industry were lost between February and November.

To combat the recent decline, food and grocery delivery startup companies around the world like Menufy, Refraction AI, Serve Robotics from Postmates and Uber, Rohlik, and other food delivery businesses are looking to support and innovate a struggling industry until restrictions are completely lifted.

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