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By Adriaan Brits | Wednesday, 24 November 2021 | Feature, Ecommerce, Startup

We’ve all been shopping for something and wished the store had a related item that it didn’t stock. Finding that item in another store — whether online or brick-and-mortar — can be easier said than done. If you ask customer service representatives who might sell the item, more than likely they will steer you toward a product that the store does sell, whether you want it or not.

David Perry, CEO and Co-founder of Carro.

Carro is setting out to change that.This ecommerce platform specializes in allowing you to cross-sell related products and services from other brands right from your own electronic storefront. Carro also provides an easy, seamless way to partner with social media influencers who are already excited about what you have to offer.

“If you’re reading this and you own a brand, do your customers ever ask you for advice on anything that you don't currently sell?” asks Carro CEO David Perry. “Most brands allow their customers to leave their websites and buy ancillary products elsewhere.” However, sending customers to another store is risky; they might appreciate your help and become even more loyal, but they also might disappear forever because they like the other store better.

To solve this problem, Carro invented what Perry calls “virtual inventory,” which “is not some kind of affiliate program, and it's not drop-shipping from China.” Rather, “It's stunningly disruptive to the way things are done by most online brands today.” Specifically, Carro helps its customers cross-sell products in each other’s ecommerce stores that they believe would work well with their own products but can’t afford to stock. The supplier makes products available to the retailer, orders are synced automatically in real time, and the retailer publishes products to their store. After that, orders placed through the retailer’s store automatically appear in the supplier’s orders. Everything is out in the open, and the customer is fully aware that the supplier will be shipping the products.

According to Carro, its platform allows you to:

  • Acquire customers at no cost. When a new customer buys a product, both the retailer and the supplier get to keep their fulfillment information so that each can enjoy the lifetime value without any cost for the acquisition.
  • Easily expand your product catalogs. Rather than having to send customers somewhere else or try to sell them something they don’t want, Carro lets you sell partners’ products that they do want directly on your own ecommerce site and receive compensation. It’s easy to add to new categories and offer up-sell items. You can also increase your order value with targeted product recommendations.
  • Easily partner with other brands you admire. You can choose brands that best align with your own store’s products and values.
  • Skip the inventory and fulfillment. When a partner’s product is sold on your site, Carro automatically sends the order to the suppliers so they can fulfill the item. Enjoy a dropshipping partnership with brands you trust so you don’t have to worry about manufacturing, managing inventory, making bulk purchases, or shipping products yourself.
  • Increase your online presence. Be seen in more places and gain more exposure when you supply products to other retailers.

Carro also bills itself as an all-in-one influencer marketing platform for ecommerce businesses. It helps companies discover influencers who are authentic, natural extensions of their brands. This makes it easy to reach out to them, manage those relationships, and track which influencers are talking about your brand.

The company offers four subscription plans. The basic plan is free to be listed with a 5% transaction fee and allows you to browse Carro’s directory and sell products through its network. The Starter ($50/month) and Growth ($250/month) plans add other perks like auto fulfillment, shipping cost pass-through, and access to a brand partnering specialist. There’s also an Enterprise tier with even more support that requires contacting the company for a quote.

Keep It Simple

In building Carro, Perry and his team had to learn how to make their services as easy to use as possible for the busy entrepreneurs who comprise their customer base. “The people who build real brands are running a marathon, and they never stop running — every day they have to keep moving fast,” he says. “You need to be able to fit into that paradigm. You can't say, ‘Here's a 200 page manual to read.’ You literally have to solve as many things as possible with one click.” Or maybe even less than that. “We actually discuss, ‘What's the zero-click version?’” he says. “That's going to keep us busy for years to come. Our brands really appreciate it when we treat their time as very valuable.”

Perry makes an analogy to someone who’s about to board a flight. “That’s a very honest framing of the hectic lives that entrepreneurs live. So how can we help them accomplish more? When I give speeches, I often say that you can disrupt just about any industry if you make things easier. Amazon invented one-click shopping. That really mattered.”

Dream and Deliver

So far, Carro says its platform is used by more than 32,000 brands in 177 countries. But the company wants to extend its reach even further. “We are preparing for brands all over the world to collaborate,” Perry says. “There are an estimated eight million of them, and that number is going to keep growing as platforms like Shopify make it easy to get started in ecommerce.”

Reaching more influencers is also a key part of the company’s expansion efforts. “We believe there are around 60 million influencers and celebrities in the world that need a chance to participate in the next trillion dollars sold online, much better than they do today,” he says.

He encourages budding entrepreneurs to set their sights similarly high. “Atari bought a company I founded, and the CEO Bruno Bonnell told me his motto was ‘dream and deliver,’” Perry says. “I always liked that idea, as there are lots of dreamers in the world.”

However, for every successful dreamer, there are many who fail to see their dreams fulfilled because they don’t follow through on their ambitions. “The people that have a big impact are the ones that then deliver their dream. They don't talk about it, they get on with it,” he says. “Does Elon Musk dream and deliver? Did Steve Jobs dream and deliver? Did Walt Disney dream and deliver? What's fascinating with the internet is you can always find people that share your dream, so assemble a team and deliver it.”

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