, Low Code AI Startup, Serves BBC, NBC, and Pepsi

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Software development has long been expensive and time-consuming. That conventional business wisdom may change as continues to grow. The startup has developed a software development platform that doesn’t require coding expertise. Additionally, the company has grown monthly revenue throughout the pandemic as business users look for cost-effective ways to invest in technology.’s profile has also grown in Europe, where it won the Hottest AI Startup award at the Europas 2020 last June.

The company helps customers make custom software with two offerings: Builder Studio and Builder Cloud. The Builder Studio offering lets business users access its AI and a team of developers to develop software. Has Global Business Customers has had great success in gaining business users in multiple sectors. The AI startup business has military customers: the US Air Force and the Indian Army. Furthermore, the company has also signed up some of the world’s largest media brands, such as the BBC and NBC Universal. has also gained a foothold in the financial services industry with two international banks HSBC and Deutsche Bank.

“Our business customers also include Pepsi, Videocon, and VirginUnite,” Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO and co-founder of, told Startup Savant in an interview.

Company Hires Two Key Executives has grown in size and complexity, which has allowed the company to expand its executive team. The business has recently hired Joseph Norena to become its first chief operating officer. Norena’s experience includes HSBC and Bridgewater Associates’s roles, two large business brands in the financial services industry. “I’ve been watching what has been doing in the low-code/no-code space for some time and when the opportunity arose to join the company as its first-ever Chief Operating Officer, I was more than thrilled to join the company’s journey.” Norena said in a press release.

In addition to operations, the startup company is improving its finance department. Andres Elizondo has joined as the chief financial officer. Before joining the startup, Elizondo held several positions at Rackspace Technology. Rackspace (NASDAQ: RXT) is a technology company that earned $2.8 billion in revenue in 2020, an 11% increase over 2019 revenue.

The BBC Launches an App in Five Weeks

With a global footprint, the BBC faces the challenge of operating in multiple countries and languages. The media organization used to create an app for an event in New Delhi, India, in five weeks. Based on this success, the BBC looks at using the startup platform to run events in other countries.

The Company Is Focused on Hiring in 2021

The low code startup business is planning to expand in 2021 by increasing its workforce. As of early March, the business has more than ten open job postings on its website. The company is hiring AI talent for roles such as Applied AI (NLP) Scientist. Additionally, the startup is also planning to grow revenue by hiring for marketing talent (e.g., hiring for a conversion rate optimization lead) and sales (e.g., hiring for a business development manager role).

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