7-Eleven to Add 40,000 New Jobs for Massive Summer Rush Through National Hiring Day Event

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As the economic recovery in 2021 continues to push forward, massive hiring pushes have been made across several different business types. This hiring push has now extended to convenience mart company 7-Eleven which has seen a massive uptick in sales and demand as the summer weather begins to heat up. The company will make a large-scale effort to bring on more employees this year through a National Hiring Day event where jobs at local participating stores alongside corporate positions will be open for new applicants.

Details of 7-Eleven Hiring Day Event

On June 3, convenience mart company 7-Eleven plans to hire 40,000 new employees across all of the company’s more than 13,000 United States (US) locations. The business will also include the 3,800 Speedway stores that were recently acquired from fuel refining and distribution company Marathon Petroleum Corporation. Hopeful employees will be able to apply in person or online. Amongst the many positions available, Several 7-Eleven will also be hiring corporate employees.

The annual summer surge in business for the convenience mart company is largely driven by the popularity of the flagship frozen drink, the Slurpee. However, 7-Eleven is also seeing elevated demand this year due to the increased usage of the 7NOW mobile app available on Android and iOS.

With online orders becoming a major portion of sales for many locations, 7-Eleven plans to hire dedicated teams to acquire goods and deliver them directly to the consumer. The 7NOW app is currently available for use in over 1,300 cities across the US, with delivery times guaranteed within 30 minutes or less from the time of ordering.

Recent Success and Controversy from 7-Eleven

While the National Hiring Day event is the newest push for more workers, 7-Eleven has seen business grow significantly over the past year. In fact, over 50,000 candidates have already been hired by the convenience mart company since 2020. The additional 40,000 jobs will help the business reach nearly 100,000 new hires in less than two years, making this a period of aggressive expansion.

The integration of the 7NOW app into regular services for the business only served as another major catalyst for 7-Eleven, which saw an opportunity to create an even larger customer base.

This aggressive expansion has also landed 7-Eleven in some hot water with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC referred to the $21 billion acquisition of Speedway from Marathon Petroleum as likely illegal, referencing certain antitrust laws as the cause for this reasoning. While the deal has closed, the FTC is continuing to investigate the situation and has yet to come to a conclusion.

When commenting on the new National Hiring Day event, Executive Vice President and COO of 7-Eleven, Chris Tanco, said, “Now that a growing number have received vaccines and the economy is opening back up, people are more than ready to get back to normal. That includes finding steady jobs with future opportunities, and 7-Eleven, Speedway and 7-Eleven independent franchise owners offer just that. The iconic 7-Eleven brand is a great place to learn and grow…and might just be a match made in (Oh Thank) Heaven.”

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