News Editorial Policy

Fact-Checking Policy

Startup Savant News is committed to providing factual information. The news editors review written content by directly researching credible sources. The information to be reported on is checked against corresponding press releases, featured company blogs, interviews with company professionals (including founders), government websites, and well-known publications that conduct market research to provide statistical information that can be tracked and evidenced.

Editing Standards

Each article is thoroughly reviewed by two editors once submitted. It is each editor’s responsibility to ensure the highest quality of standards in the editing process by checking original sources. In case of any errors, the editors make immediate corrections to maintain the publication’s credibility. If the writer does not produce sufficient evidence in articles submitted, the writer is asked to review the article, make necessary corrections, and add sources. Once corrections are made, the editors fact check the article for the second time. Information without proven documentation is immediately removed from the articles.

Ethics Policy

Startup Savant prides itself on delivering news by upholding the utmost ethical standards. Our publication strives to provide readers with the most truthful information without any hidden agendas that would compromise our values. At Startup Savant News, we believe that ethics is the key component to becoming a credible news source. Our goal is to be transparent and serve our readers in the best way possible. We provide news that those who trust us can trust.

Startup Savant does not receive any monetary compensation from companies it reports on. Our goal is to celebrate new and burgeoning businesses. Our commitment to our readers is to introduce them to up-and-coming companies so new entrepreneurs can be inspired by learning about other company’s strategies, methodologies, and where to find funding.

Corrections Policy

Once a news article is submitted, edited, and published, corrections are permitted. This applies to written content and images. Corrections allow Startup Savant News to remain factual and credible. If there is an error that can be evidenced, we will:

  • Correct the error and add a note stating that a correction has been made
  • Change the image (once and can be replaced by a substitute image provided in png format by the company we are highlighting through featured startup stories)
  • Once the changes/corrections are made, it is up to the individual or company that requested the changes to check if they have taken place. We gladly comply, but will not reach out to confirm changes.

By allowing a one-time correction request, we honor our commitment to providing news that our readers can trust.

Ownership and Funding

Startup Savant is owned by TRUiC, a privately-owned company. TRUiC and its subsidiaries’ purpose is to provide free information, tools, resources, and guides for entrepreneurs. We are in the business of helping startups and small businesses thrive because we believe in them. The TRUiC brand does not accept monetary compensation in exchange for any companies reported on in the news section. This helps Startup Savant report solely on news that the company considers interesting, innovative, or both. 

When it comes to funding practices, TRUiC’s transparency is evident throughout our websites. We are funded through affiliate deals from companies we trust, believe in, and that help entrepreneurs best by saving them on business costs. However, we are not funded by any companies we choose to report on. In other words, we do not publish any news articles in our news section about companies that we receive monetary compensation from as we believe this would be in direct violation of our ethics policy.

Editorial Team

Shirley Marcano is the editor-in-chief at TRUiC’s Startup Savant News. She has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Michigan and completed her medical degree at Ponce School of Medicine, now known as Ponce Health Sciences University. She started working for TRUiC in 2019 as a project manager. Aside from running the business news for Startup Savant, she has managed various projects for the company and also leads the video team. As a small business owner, she focuses on business strategies and trends to help other small businesses. Her hobbies include interior design, playing the guitar and piano, listening to music, reading, exploring new ideas and concepts, and celebrating life in general.

Madison Holt is the lead editor at TRUiC and the main copy editor for Startup Savant News. After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she joined TRUiC in 2018 as a writer and data entry specialist. Since 2020, she has been the head of TRUiC’s editorial team, which focuses on ensuring the company’s written content is accurate and accessible by all. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, playing piano, and making all kinds of crafts, from soap to sponge cake.