Kansas has a skilled and educated workforce, lenient taxations and regulations, and is ranked the 26th best state to start a small business. The state is also highly supportive of startups and new businesses, seeing them as a way to promote economic development.

That said, here are the 58 best resources for starting a business in Kansas that you can use to kickstart your great idea. These resources will help you compete not just in the Kansas, but globally as well.


The Kansas SBDC is a government initiative that assists entrepreneurs to understand the basics of running a business, how to start a business and how to grow a business. The agency provides resources, workshops and training that will enable small business owners to bring their business to success. They also have consultancy services which is free of charge.


The Women’s Business Center is a gender-focused organization that aims to empower women to achieve financial success through business. They provide training and support and entrepreneurial resources to assist women entrepreneurs who want to start their business in Kansas. The site also provides the latest news and events in the small business industry.


Innovate Kansas is a website that helps entrepreneurs launch their new business or expand their current organizations. It also developed a list of helpful business resources that can fully assist entrepreneurs as they start their business in Kansas. The site also has numerous business incubators and universities and institutes that offer services to entrepreneurs.


Network Kansas is a business website that helps entrepreneurs start or grow their small business. It has all the resources you need regardless what stage you are in the business lifecycle. The organization has over 500 partners that aim to provide business-building services to startups and established businesses. You can use their resource navigator, chat with a coordinator or email one.


Midwest Venture Alliance provides assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners. The blog provides entrepreneur resources, investor resources, venture capital and business tools. It also features the latest news and information about the small business industry in Kansas.


Labor Party is a coworking space committed to helping entrepreneurs who want to bring out the creative side in business. It offers affordable workspaces and gives you access to shared or private offices, reserved conference rooms and presentations spaces. Most of all, it gathers together like-minded individuals who work and share ideas together to make Kansas a better place for business.


Startup Wichita is a community organization that aims to create connections among entrepreneurs, startups and tech communities within Wichita, Kansas. Startup Wichita also organizes events and programs that gather together creative professionals who want to make a difference in the community.


The SCKEDD is an institution that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find financing solutions and strategies to assist their startups to grow. It is authorized by the Small Business Administration to execute the SBA 504 loan, SBA 7(a) and the SBA Microloan Program. Other than this, they also offer business and industry guaranteed loan programs, intermediary relending program, revolving loan, rural business development program and the rural microenterprise assistance program.


SCORE is a non-profit organization that offers mentorship and coaching programs to entrepreneurs so that they’ll be able to start and manage their new or existing businesses efficiently. The organization is composed of volunteer business consultants and professionals with the aim to educate entrepreneurs so they can compete with Kansas’ business industry and the global market.


The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency assigned to guide and provide resources and tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs build their dream business. The agency specifically provides local assistance, a list of grants and loans and business management training and workshops.