Financial Resources for Women in Business

Businesswomen working together.

When it comes to financial resources, women entrepreneurs have different options these days to provide them with necessary funding that would not otherwise be available. From government-funded agencies to grants to loans to women-owned venture capital firms, women are receiving the assistance they need to help them reach their business goals.

Financial Resources

WomensNet — Amber Grants for Women

There are a number of organizations working to level out the playing field, such as WomensNet, a useful source of funding and mentorship for women in business.

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Kabbage Loans for Female Entrepreneurs

Kabbage is a quick, flexible supplier of loans that ultimately wants to see small businesses thrive.

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Accion Financial Services

Accion is a global non-profit seeking to create a financially inclusive world through its massive microloans program and other support services.

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Female Founders Fund

Female Founders Fund hasn’t just caused the growth of its female-led investments, it has also paved the way for other investors, showing them that backing women pays off.

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