The Most Female-Friendly Companies, According to Women

Women browsing a computer.

You never want to be at a company with bad workplace culture. Unfortunately for women, landing at such a place isn’t uncommon. There are a large number of offices that don’t treat female workers equally, and as a result, limit their long-term success and growth. Sexism, stereotyping, and sexual misconduct are just a few of the issues faced by women in the workplace every day — making it difficult for them to close gender gaps.

InHerSight is a data-driven platform that aims to steer women away from negative companies and lead them toward environments where they can prosper. The website allows women to anonymously rate and review previous companies, publishing the results online for all to see.

Users give feedback on factors like ‘Salary Satisfaction,’ ‘Maternity & Adoptive Leave,’ ‘Female Representation in Leadership,’ and ‘Equal Opportunities for Women and Men,’ leaving women with a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Below is a roundup of the companies with the highest ranking in a variety of important categories. So, if you’re an employee or an employer: take note.

Overall Satisfaction by Industry

The following companies have taken the top prizes for overall workplace culture, according to millions of anonymous reviews by female employees. Unsurprisingly, there are some household names on the list — Netflix, IKEA Group, Deloitte, and Google.

But what’s interesting is the number of lesser-known companies with gold-star records. The top-placing industries are Finance and Technology, which together make up a majority of the ranking companies.

Top Tech Company: Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is a Florida-based technology company with 1,001 to 5,000 employees. It’s highest rated by women for ‘Personal Development,’ ‘Career Opportunities’ and ‘Family Support,’ but impressively scores above 4.5/5 in all categories; this makes it not only the top-rated tech company but the top-rated company on the entire site.

Ultimate Software specializes in selling HR solutions and software and has clearly taken its own advice as it continually places on Forbes’ 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

“Ultimate Software is the best company for women that I could imagine,” wrote one reviewer. “Never have I felt like I was at any sort of disadvantage due to my gender. This is the most inclusive, diverse company I have ever heard of.”

Top Media Company: Chronicle Books

A small company with less than 500 employees, Chronicle Books has made a name for itself in sunny San Francisco by sustaining a female-friendly workplace culture.

In fact, reviewers point out that a majority of the staff is comprised of women: “This is a workplace that is over 70% female with women in the key positions of President, VP of Sales and Marketing, Publisher and Editorial Director.”

Despite high ratings for inclusion and growth, the company receives low scores for ‘Salary Satisfaction’ and the existence of a ‘Sponsorship or Mentorship Program.’

Top Consumer Goods Company: Lululemon Athletica

Athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica is applauded by its staff for having an empowering and flexible work environment. In terms of service industry jobs, former employees argue that this is one of the best as the company is truly invested in supporting its workers during and after employment.

Though rated poorly for ‘Family Growth Support,’ ‘Salary Satisfaction’ and ‘Paid Time Off,’ reviewers describe it as “a fantastic part-time job, and the perfect place for anyone, especially a woman, to start and grow her career.”

Top Finance Company: Amrock

Amrock is a real estate company based out of Cerritos, California. Its 1,001 to 5,000 employees are clearly pleased with their experiences, rating it extremely well for ‘Personal Development,’ ‘Career Opportunities’ and ‘Family Support.’

Every category scores above a 4.2, but commenters are particularly excited about the treatment of new mothers. “I only wish I could have worked here when my children were younger so that I could have spent more time with my children,” writes one reviewer. “Our company is very flexible for working parents!”

Popular Companies That Do It Well

While many of InHerSight’s top spots were nabbed by smaller companies that have managed to create tight-knit, supportive communities, there are some larger, well-known companies on the list too.

As part of the ongoing war for talent, companies like Google and Facebook haven’t had a choice but to cultivate impressive workplace cultures, brimming with perks and professional development. Here are the popular companies of today that have done it best.

Facebook (#8 Top Company)

While the social media platform may not be too popular among consumers right now, at least its employees are happy. Women rated Facebook among the top 10 companies to work for, citing good ‘Maternity and Adoptive Leave,’ ‘Family Growth Support,’ and ‘Social Activities and Environment.’

Women also laud the competitive salaries but critique a lack of female representation in leadership. One reviewer wrote that “Facebook is leading the tech industry in terms of its commitment and progress so far toward more gender equality in the workplace.”

Johnson & Johnson (#9 Top Company)

Based out of New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson is a well-known hospital and healthcare company employing over 10,000 people. Considering the scale of the operation, it’s impressive that women still feel adequately cared for by the company. Women report great ‘Maternity and Adoptive Leave,’ Equal Opportunities for Men and Women,’ and ‘Management Opportunities.’

Although some reviewers point out that management feels slightly boys club-esque, it’s generally described as an extremely “inclusive” work environment.

Netflix (#11 Top Company)

Netflix has notoriously flashy benefits for its employees, including free lunches, unlimited vacation days and open working hours (you work when you want). Subsequently, it’s no surprise that women at Netflix rate the workplace very highly.

While some reviewers complain of a hyper-competitive, fast-paced environment, most agree that the parental benefits and general treatment of employees are outstanding. “This is not only the best place I’ve worked in general, but also one of the best places I’ve worked in terms of opportunities for women, good pay, and opportunities for women in the company to meet, network and learn,” writes one reviewer.

American Express (#12 Top Company)

New York-based financial services company American Express receives, for the most part, positive reviews from female employees. They tout the opportunities available for its majority-female staff, such as generous ‘Paid Time Off,’ ‘Maternity and Adoptive Leave,’ and ‘Management Opportunities.’

However, some commenters explained that the treatment of female employees varies in different departments — some are less progressive than others.

Google (#15 Top Company)

Google is another big California-based company that’s made workplace equality a priority. It receives high ratings for ‘Wellness Initiatives,’ ‘Family Growth Support,’ and ‘Social Activities and Environment,’ but commenters express frustration over a lack of female representation in leadership positions — and in the company as a whole.

“Google offers many benefits … such as free healthy food, gym access, flex Fridays, and continued education & training in your field,” reads one review. “The only drawback is that there is not as much diversity as is desired (read not as many women, PoC, and LGBTQ individuals).”