Best Events for Creative Entrepreneurs

Events for creative entrepreneurs.

While all entrepreneurs are creative to a degree, there are some who better fit into the subcategory of ‘creative entrepreneurs.’ These are people who “use both the left and right sides of their brain to generate revenue. They’re not hobbyists … they’re innovators that make ideas happen.”

Creative entrepreneurs have business acumen, problem-solving skills, and a knack for aesthetic vision and execution. While these entrepreneurs already possess considerable talents, there is always more to learn.

Each of the following events has something unique to offer creative entrepreneurs — whether it’s simply providing the backdrop for networking and meeting other creatives, or aiding with the development of a tangible creative skill.

1. Alt Summit


Alt Summit is an annual, week-long event for creative entrepreneurs which has helped many businesses get off the ground, including Pinterest. The conference was started in 2009 and has grown considerably since, now boasting 15 major events across the United States.

Alt Summit was originally a gathering for design bloggers, but has evolved with the ever-changing media landscape. Its reach is now much larger, bringing together content creators, designers, vloggers, instagrammers, artists, photographers, and many more.

Who It’s Right For

This event was created specifically for women. It should be attended by female influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields; especially those who feel they are lacking a community in the entrepreneurship world.

2. Create and Cultivate Conference


Hosting conferences nationwide, “Create & Cultivate has grown into a cult favorite, pop culture phenomenon for millenial women.” Tickets sell out almost immediately to the utterly Instagrammable event which has star-studded alumni like Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen.

Who It’s Right For

Women who want the opportunity to meet the next generation of creatives, entrepreneurs, and bosses in a fun environment. The conferences cover vital business topics ranging from raising money to launching a new venture.

This is all done through “a highly curated, impactful, one-day program of workshops, mentor sessions, and panels, as well as delicious cocktails, food, pop-up shops, photo booths, gift bags, and more.” From a glance, it looks more like a party than a conference.

3. Inspired Retreat


This event is notably different from the others on the list. Instead of a day-long conference or culmination of workshops, Inspired Retreat bolsters business growth through an intimate weekend retreat near Nashville, TN.

With a limited capacity of 24, retreat participants are guaranteed one-on-one attention, and are able to develop close relationships with other participants and speakers.

Who It’s Right For

The retreat is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to build long-lasting connections with other like-minded creatives, while enjoying a relaxing break in nature. It’s a rare opportunity to unwind and find entrepreneurial inspiration at the same time.



South by Southwest is for creatives of all backgrounds in all fields. The idea is that the best and most unexpected discoveries are made “when diverse topics and people come together.” Hence, the festival is a culmination of exhibitions, sessions, showcases, screenings, and networking opportunities.

Speakers are always the most exciting, inspiring leaders and innovators. There is a lot you can learn from pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and listening to people you usually wouldn’t listen to.

Who It’s Right For

Any and all creatives. But especially those who are curious and open-minded. Whether you’re in tech, film, health, or gaming, there is a talk or networking opportunity for you.

The 2020 conference will include special sessions on business areas like Cannabusiness, Climate & Social Action, Experiential Storytelling, XR, and the Future of Music.

5. In/Visible Talks


In/Visible Talks was founded on the premise that creativity is not easy, and that hearing how others have navigated this rocky terrain and its obstacles can do wonders to facilitate success.

Who It’s Right For

While there are a lot of conferences geared toward success stories, there aren’t many that focus on failure. In/Visible approaches this in a productive way, hoping to “build community through conversation about the process, inspiration, and challenges behind the creative practice.”

This event is beneficial for anyone in entrepreneurship who has encountered obstacles and needs a little support in overcoming them.

6. Women Sound Off


This event is relatively new; it was created in 2017 with the name ‘Women in Music Festival.’ The founders quickly realized that the festival had the potential to be a tool for women in all industries, all-year round.

They moved to broaden their horizons and molded the event into what it is today, “an electrifying weekend for women creatives, entrepreneurs and allies to network, celebrate, and flourish in Oakland, CA.”

Who It’s Right For

WSO is a must-attend event for women who want to have discussions about entrepreneurship in a relaxed, friendly setting.

The event pairs useful conversation about aspects of business like brand-building, wellness, and representation with cocktails and music. Who said business had to be boring?

7. Inbound


Speaking of fun, Inbound is a conference unlike any other. Amid the talks hosted by seasoned professionals are a smattering of comedy shows and happy hours.

Inbound wants to give its 24,000 attendees a break from their regular lives and immerse them in excitement and inspiration. Past speakers at the four day-long, Boston-based event include Michelle Obama, Issa Rae, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Who It’s Right For

Inbound’s website describes its target audience as those who “want more than the cookie cutter learning and development noise and who yearn for an explosion of positive energy, sharing, and clear, empowered ways to move forward at work.”

8. World Domination Summit


Those who seek world domination can gather for a week of activities and events in Portland, Oregon, where the annual World Domination Summit is held.

Helping you with your mission, this summit equips attendees with advice from unconventional thinkers, workshops that teach powerful new skills, and a community of support that will make your journey to the top much smoother.

Who It’s Right For

For those who have big dreams. Entrepreneurs who want to make their mark on the world, and they want that mark to be huge. Maybe the goal isn’t world domination, but it might not be too far off.