25 Best Startup Books for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

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Online sales have seen a significant rise in the past few years, and competition for ecommerce stores has increased. The only way to stay ahead of the competition as a startup is to arm yourself with knowledge gained through ecommerce books. 

In this list, we’ll break down the best ecommerce books and practical tips from each. Keep reading to learn valuable insights that could be the tipping point to make your store successful. 

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Must-Read Ecommerce Books

From managing product listings and shipping to brand storytelling and customer acquisition, these books cover all the bases for running a successful ecommerce business. Here are the best ecommerce books to learn from and all the insights you can gain from each one.

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1. ‘Building a Storybrand’ by Donald Miller

Donald Miller is one of the top brand consultants in the world, and his book "Building a Storybrand” is essential reading for anyone in business. The book walks you through building a brand that customers will love and want to buy from again and again.

Several universal elements of powerful storytelling are shown by Miller that all humans respond to. The book is a great inside look into why customers make purchasing decisions and how to clarify your brand message to reach them.

2. ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is best known for his social media status and unrelenting personal views. He is the author of several New York Times best-selling books, and "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” is one of the most relevant to entrepreneurs.

The book goes into detail about how to create engaging content for each social media platform. It’s a guide on how to stand out in a world where everyone is constantly trying to sell you something. Ecommerce entrepreneurs can learn how to cut through the noise of social media to establish a brand for themselves using Vaynerchuk's book.

3. ‘Launch’ by Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker knows a couple of things about how to organize and launch successful products and businesses. In "Launch,” he takes the reader step-by-step through his product launch formula that has helped him generate millions in sales.

The book is a goldmine of information for anyone planning on launching a new product or business. Walker covers everything from developing your idea to creating buzz and getting customers to buy. This book fast-tracks entrepreneurs through the lengthy process of launching their own products successfully.

4. ‘Everybody Writes’ by Ann Handley

Whether you have the next big tech innovation or you're the owner of a local cleaners, Ann Handley shows all businesses need writing to connect with their audience. 

From crafting emails to creating social media posts and even writing website copy, "Everybody Writes" is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. You'll learn about content creation, production and publishing, as well as a playbook to get results.

5. ‘Dotcom Secrets’ by Russell Brunson

Russel Brunson made his fame by becoming the online sales funnel expert, and "Dotcom Secrets” is a look into the methods and strategies he used to get there. In it, he reveals his secrets to building successful sales funnels that have helped him generate millions in sales.

The book is a comprehensive guide to creating and optimizing your own sales funnels. Brunson covers everything from attracting leads to converting them into customers and how to get them to buy again

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6. ‘eCommerce Marketing’ by Chloe Thomas

eCommerce Marketing” is a must-read for online shop owners who have a hard time getting qualified leads and sales. The book keeps entrepreneurs who don't have time for marketing in mind when presenting a handbook to solve growth issues.

The book outlines 10 different ecommerce marketing methods along with “7 Marketing Maxims” to improve performance. Decision-making will become more efficient with the Customer MarketPlan Model and accompanying guide.

7. ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon’ by Brad Stone

No one has given a more accurate look into the lives of current and former Amazon Employees and Bezos family members as Brad Stone. In "The Everything Store,” you’ll get an inside look into the mind of one of the richest men in the world and how he came to create Amazon.

From its very humble beginnings as an online bookseller to a monolithic company that sells and manufactures everything, this book is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to understand how Bezos built his empire.

8. ‘Converted’ by Neil Hoyne

Neil Hoyne uses a different approach to digital marketing that involves data-driven decisions. "Converted” shows entrepreneurs how they can use data to understand who customers are, what are their needs, and where to find more of them.

Online business owners will get plenty of value in creating long-term relationships with their customers and get the most value from each interaction. Converted uses numbers to learn a bigger story on how to treat the people behind the data.

9. ‘Ecommerce Empire’ by Peter Pru

Peter Pru gives ecommerce entrepreneurs everything they need to know about starting an online business from scratch. In "Ecommerce Empire,” you'll get a step-by-step guide on finding the right niche, building and launching your store, driving traffic to your site, and scaling your business.

Sales funnels, monthly subscription options, drop shipping, social media, and paid advertising are all outlined in the helpful book. Store owners who are just getting started use this book to scale their businesses.

10. ‘Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers’ by Cyndi Thomason

Cyndi Thomason knows the four major areas ecommerce owners struggle with the most, and outlines them clearly in "Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers.” The book covers managing inventory, working with debt, financial literacy, and how to maintain focus.

Thomason takes the famous “Profit First” methodology and applies it to ecommerce business models. The book is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get their finances in order and improve their accounting practices. You'll get a master's course on becoming profitable.

11. ‘Ecommerce Evolved’ by Tanner Larsson

Tanner Larsson believes the ecommerce industry is falling behind and wrote "Ecommerce Evolved” to help business owners catch up. The book is separated into four main parts that are all based on the years of research Larsson has conducted.

The book starts with 12 principles of ecommerce to help stores thrive and follows with three other parts that describe evolved strategy, evolved intelligence, and evolved marketing. Buying the book opens up access to a private online community you can source for further help and guidance.

12. ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ by Michael E. Gerber

Michael E. Gerber takes you through all the steps in the life of a business including infancy to maturity in "The E-Myth Revisited.” He debunks the myth that entrepreneurs who understand the technical sides of the business can actually run a business on those technical aspects.

Gerber highlights all the different obstacles that can get in the way of a business including common assumptions, expectations, and technical expertise. Entrepreneurs will also get a peek into franchising and what values you can bring by implementing the strategy for your business.

13. ‘The Startup Owner's Manual’ by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

You won't find another book on this list as accredited as “The Startup Owner's Manual.” Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, and even the National Science Foundation use it to teach entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. “The Startup Owner's Manual” is a deep look into what it takes to build a successful startup.

Over 100 charts, graphs, and diagrams litter the book and give additional context and insight into what it takes to become profitable. You'll use this book to help guide you through the tough tribulations faced throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

14. ‘Traction’ by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Traction” is a look into 19 different ways you can drive growth for your startup. The book is from the perspective of two entrepreneurs who have "been in the trenches" and offer first-hand advice on what's worked for them.

Weinberg and Mares don't just offer tips, they give detailed instructions on how to implement each growth strategy they write about. Entrepreneurs who are looking to get more from their customer acquisition like better media coverage or a better email marketing campaign will learn how in Traction.

15. ‘The Personal MBA’ by Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman created "The Personal MBA” as an alternative to a business school he felt wasn't teaching the right information. In the book, Kaufman covers the essential topics you need to know about a business including the Iron Law of the Market, the 12 Forms of Value, the Pricing Uncertainty Principle, and the 4 Methods to Increase Revenue.

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars getting an MBA, Kaufman distills everything you need to know into one book that's easy to read and digest.

16. ‘The Art of Gathering’ by Priya Parker

Priya Parker is one of the rare thought-leaders on gatherings and shows how we can take on more meaning from interaction in "The Art of Gathering.” Parker has a background in facilitating gatherings around the world and gives inside breakdowns into conferences, meetings, courtrooms, flash mob parties, summer camps, and more.

Online entrepreneurs can take the lessons Parker lays out for in-person gatherings and translate it to the online space. There are practical and simple changes outlined that can invigorate any group experience.

17. ‘Supermaker’ by Jaime Schmidt

Jaime Schmidt became a successful entrepreneur by making and selling her own line of deodorants called Schmidt's Naturals. In "Supermaker,” she takes all the knowledge and experience she's gathered from starting her business and becoming an overnight success to teach other entrepreneurs how they can do the same.

Schmidt provides practical approaches to branding, marketing, team management, culture development, PR, and sales. Supermaker is the perfect book for entrepreneurs looking to make their own products and take the market by storm.

18. ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear

James Clear is a master of forming the habits that drive success, and he shares his knowledge in "Atomic Habits.” The book is a comprehensive guide on how to make or break a habit and the science behind why it works.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs who are struggling to create the time needed to work on their business can use Atomic Habits to develop a system that works for them. The book gives you true stories from award-winning artists, physicians, comedians, gold medalists, and business leaders.

19. ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey

Entrepreneurs of any level need to be familiar with this seminal text from Stephen Covey. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a masterclass on the most important habits of successful people and how you can integrate them into your life.

The book provides the strategies and tools to transform habits to create winning organizations. The book applies to all facets of life: redefining an industry, reducing stress, quitting smoking, or achieving any desirable goal.

20. ‘Linchpin’ by Seth Godin

It's no surprise Seth Godin is on this list as a multiple New York Times best-selling author. "Linchpin" is a book about becoming indispensable in your field by developing the unique skills that make you irreplaceable.

The advice Godin provides is for anyone who feels stuck or unfulfilled in their current situation. The book will show entrepreneurs how to be an asset to their team and create work that matters. Godin also highlights the unique stories of several people who have found ways to become indispensable in their respective positions.

21. ‘One-Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com” by Richard Brandt

There is no better example to learn from as an ecommerce entrepreneur than Jeff Bezos and Amazon. In “One-Click,” Richard Brandt gives an in-depth look into how Amazon was started and the mind of its founder, Jeff Bezos.

The book goes through Amazon's humble beginnings as an online bookstore and how it grew to become one of the most powerful companies in the world. Brandt includes interviews with employees, competitors, and observers that shed light on how Bezos made his decisions so you can replicate his formula.

22. ‘The Complete E-Commerce Book’ by Janice Reynolds

Janice Reynolds lays out an easy-to-follow path to starting and running your own ecommerce business in "The Complete E-Commerce Book.” The concepts inside should serve more as a foundation and starter resource for new entrepreneurs than a contemporary set of tools.

The book may be a bit outdated in the trends or technical requirements, but the processes and overall philosophy remain the same. Reynolds provides advice on everything from building your website to marketing and selling your products online.

23. ‘Return on Relationships’ by Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose

Store owners are at a great advantage to use social media as a way to connect with customers on a more personal level, and "Return on Relationships” shows you how. Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose provide entrepreneurs with the blueprint to turn social media followers into customers and brand advocates.

The authors explain how social media is not about selling but rather building relationships that inspire trust, loyalty, and sales. They also include real-world examples of businesses that have used social media to create a community around their brand.

24. ‘50 Shades of Growth’ by Sid Bharath and Danny Halarewich

In “50 Shades of Growth,” Bharath and Halarewich help entrepreneurs realize the value in building products with growth hacking included. There are growth experiments focused specifically on ecommerce by some of the best experts in marketing, including Neil Patel, Bran Balfour, and Noah Kagan.

Owners who wish to grow their stores quickly with proven tools can use Fifty Shades as their playbook. You'll get 50 of the best growth hacks to test along with a guide that shows each step of the process.

25. ‘You Should Test That’ by Chris Goward

Written by the talented mind behind the Kaizen Model for conversion rate optimization, Chris Goward, "You Should Test That” is a guidebook on how and when to run effective A/B tests.

The book covers topics like designing experiments, analyzing results, and making sure you are always learning from your data. Goward creates a simple process for creating hypotheses, running their tests, and implementing the results into their ecommerce business. Entrepreneurs who have the traffic coming in but not the revenue to show for it need this book to get them over the hump.

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