Pros & Cons of Online Templates

Pros of Online Templates

  • Because of how common LLC operating agreements are, you can rest assured the templates are up to date and maintained by certified legal professionals.
  • The templates take care of most of the basic legalese, but keep in mind that these services mostly just organize the info you give them. If you’re careful about accurately inputting your data, you should be fine.
  • Any of these providers can save you significant amounts of time and money. They all cost less than hiring an attorney, and their step-by-step instructions can have your LLC operating agreement ready in a matter of minutes.

Cons of Online Templates

  • Ultimately it’s your responsibility to customize and personalize these templates if you don’t have a legal professional to do it for you. In other words, these services can’t fact-check the info you give them (unless you pay for, or opt into document review services offered by Rocket Lawyer).

Which Template Should You Choose?

It’s hard to make a blanket recommendation, because you may have different priorities than we do. All three of these providers offer quality service at fair rates.

Overall, we do still prefer Rocket Lawyer because you can get a high-quality LLC operating agreement for free using their trial period and have an accredited attorney review it when you're done. An attorney's guidance can be a huge asset, especially if you're just starting a business and are unsure about anything.

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