The 6 Best Coworking Services in Paris, France

Woman working in a coworking workspace

As the global remote workforce has grown steadily larger, there has been an increasing demand for sustainable remote workspaces. While plenty of people still opt for working from home or the neighborhood coffee shop, there are many reasons why these spaces may not provide a healthy, productive work environment.

Coworking organizations like WeWork have filled the need for dedicated remote workspaces by creating beautiful offices across the country (and around the globe). These spaces, which are currently being leveraged by companies like Facebook and Microsoft, also create opportunities for remote workers to network and foster community with other like-minded individuals.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top 6 coworking spaces in Paris, including each organization’s pricing model, coworking locations, and more.

1. WeWork

Starts at €350/mo.

WeWork is perhaps the fastest-growing coworking network in existence today. Their competitive prices, beautiful and plentiful office spaces, and generous amenities make them our top choice for coworking in Paris.

WeWork advertises fast internet, daily cleaning, IT support, 24/7 building access, office supplies, business-class printers, micro-roasted coffee, private phone booths, and conference room access.

Coworking locations:

  • 33 Rue la Fayette: 33 Rue La Fayette Paris 75 75009
  • 92 Av. des Champs-Élysées: 92 avenue des Champs-Élysées Paris 75 75008
  • Coeur Marais: 64-66 Rue Des Archives Paris 75 75003
  • 40 Rue du Colisée: 40 rue du Colisée Paris 75 75008
  • 123 Boulevard de Grenelle: 123 Boulevard de Grenelle Paris 75 75015
  • 37 Avenue Trudaine: 37 Avenue Trudaine Paris 75 75009
  • 7 Rue De Madrid: 7 rue de Madrid Paris 75 75008
  • 198 Avenue De France: 198 Avenue De France Paris 75 75013
  • 4 Rue Jules Lefebvre: 4 Rue Jules Lefebvre Paris 75 75009
  • 18 Rue De Navarin: 18 rue de Navarin Paris 75 75009


WeWork’s pricing is divided into three categories: hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. Below is the price range for each (depending on location). Note that not all categories are available in each location:

  • Hot desk (any available seat in a common area): starting at €350/mo
  • Dedicated desk: starting at €500/mo
  • Private office: starting at 800 €/mo

2. Anticafé

Starts at €240.

Anticafé was the first space of its kind in Paris. Now with seven locations in and around the city, it’s a great option no matter where you live, work, or travel. They offer hourly, daily, and monthly rates that include unlimited coffee and food from the café. Students receive a 10% discount, while members enjoy 15% off. All are welcome, but reservations are required for groups of four or more.

In addition to their food and drink offerings, Anticafe has a library and game area with cards and board games for when you need a break..

Coworking locations:

  • Beaubourg: 79 Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris
  • Louvre: 10 Richelieu Street, 75001 Paris
  • République: 6 Rue du Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris
  • Olympiades: 59 Rue Nationale, 75013 Paris
  • Station F: 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris
  • La Défense: 2 Place de La Défense, 92800 Puteaux
  • Canal St Martin: 33 Rue Albert Thomas, 75010 Paris


  • Hourly: €5
  • Daily: €24
  • Monthly: €240

3. Hubsy

Starts at €250/mo.

Hubsy Café & Coworking offers three beautiful workspaces in the heart of Paris. You can pay by the hour, day, or month and enjoy unlimited healthy snacks, decadent treats, and coffee from their café. More than just a coworking space with free coffee, customers also rave about the quiet, cozy working environment.

In addition to the unlimited food and drinks, Hubsy offers very high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, call rooms, a cozy living room, and a printer.

Coworking locations:

  • Arts et Métiers: 41 Rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
  • Saint Lazare: 64 Rue d’Amsterdam, 75008 Paris
  • République: 9B Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris


  • Hourly: €5 for the first hour; €2.50 for each ½ hour thereafter
  • Full Day: €24
  • Monthly: €250

4. La Permanence

Starts at €100/mo.

For those looking for a quiet, comfortable place to work without all the bells and whistles, La Permanence is a great choice. Starting at just €1 per hour and €100 per month, this minimalist workspace is by far the most affordable option in the city. While you won’t find a barista or fully stocked kitchen, La Permanence does have vending machines and Nespresso machines for when you need a break and a refreshment.

Customers simply create an account and scan their personalized QR code to be charged based on the duration of their stay. They offer 24/7 access along with fast WiFi, lockers, printing, meeting rooms, and relaxation rooms.

Coworking locations:

  • 4 Rue du Fer à Moulin: 4 Rue du Fer à Moulin, 75005 Paris
  • 48bis Rue d’Alesia: 48bis Rue d’Alesia, 75014 Paris


  • Hourly: €1/hour (between 6pm and 2pm); €1.50/hour (between 2pm and 6pm)
  • Monthly: €100

5. Draft

Starts at €290/mo.

Draft is a unique coworking space geared toward the creative and innovative. They offer all the perks of other spaces—a comfortable, quiet workspace with coffee, tea, and snacks—plus a range of technical equipment to help bring your ideas to life. Coworking is available without membership or reservation, while the use of their tools requires a subscription.

With tools like sewing machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers available to members, anyone from designers to architects can find room to thrive. Draft even offers training (for an upcharge) to ensure that everyone is comfortable using their equipment before getting started.

Coworking location:

  • 12 Esplanade: 12 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, 75018 Paris


  • Half day: €8
  • Full day: €15
  • 10 days: €120
  • Resident coworker: €290/mo
  • Resident designer (fixed space and access to production tools): €490/mo

6. 10H10

Starts at €275/mo.

10h10’s two cozy, retro Paris coworking spaces instantly make you feel at home. With vintage furniture and a kitchen stocked with coffee, tea, and snacks, customers can make themselves comfortable while getting their work done.

Amenities include a very high-speed Wi-Fi network, numerous power outlets, ethernet connections, a large-screen video projector, flipcharts, and a color laser printer.

Coworking locations

  • Cléry: 19 Rue Cléry, 75002 Paris 2nd
  • Saint Martin: 210 Rue Saint Martin,75003 Paris


  • Cafe: €4.50/hour (€4/hour for students)
  • Day: €22.50 (€18 for students)
  • 5-day package: €95
  • Monthly: €305 (€275 for students)
  • Private space: starting at €33/hour

Which Coworking Service Should I Use?

Whether you work in graphic design, software development, or any other field that calls for a remote workspace, we trust that WeWork will have an office in Paris that suits your needs.

That said, if you’re looking for the least expensive coworking space possible, or perhaps an office in a specific part of the city, there are many other worthwhile options on this list. We encourage you to compare prices, locations, amenities and other important factors before deciding which coworking space is right for you.