9 Top New York City Angel Investor Groups

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As the cultural and financial epicenter of the United States, New York City is the perfect place for entrepreneurs to seek angel investors. NYC has a large amount of angel funding available, with many groups concentrating on types of business. In this article, you’ll learn about the best NYC angel investors and the funding they are offering entrepreneurs. 

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Best Angel Investors in NYC

New York City is filled with financial opportunities, but the angel investor groups below have taken a particular interest in the city’s startup scene. Here are the top angel investors in the "Big Apple."

1. 37 Angels

37 Angels is much more than just an angel investor, they help close the gender gap in startup investing using educational content. The group includes a BootCamp on angel investing listed on the website. The process of getting involved with 37 Angels is clear and easy. The group believes in using transparency to provide clear and open communication for all parties involved.

2. Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds stand out from other angel investor groups in that it focuses on helping women entrepreneurs succeed. It is one of the nation's most active investment firms, with over $170 million invested in over 235 companies. The company was founded in 2005 and believes in extensive research that shows diverse teams produce a better average return on equity.

3. HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York

The largest angel investor group in the city of New York, HBS Alumni Angels is a part of the Harvard Business School. The firm has over 350 angel investors with over $20 million invested across 100 different early-stage companies. The school hears about 1-2 pitches every month and hosts all pitches in person.

4. New York Angels

The New York Angels Group is helping all early-stage founders reach their potential with capital, counsel, and network support. All the founders of the New York Angels are professionals, entrepreneurs, operators, and industry experts so they have the experience needed to guide entrepreneurs. The firm also has an internship program and special interest group in fintech, blockchain, and life sciences.

5. BoxGroup

The BoxGroup likes being one of the first investors in any company it has its eye on. It has invested in some of the most successful companies in recent years, like Plaid, Airtable, and Ramp. The firm wants entrepreneurs that look at the world differently and change how it functions with help from BoxGroup.

6. Empire Angels

Empire Angels know what it's like being a young entrepreneur trying to seek funding and build a business. The founders are all millennials who have found success themselves and now look to support early-stage young entrepreneurs looking to scale. The firm looks to redefine how traditional angel investing operates by implementing no bureaucracy, quick decisions, and collaborative diligence.

7. Tri State Ventures

Only startups that have a protected proprietary position in their market will be considered by Tri State Ventures. There aren't any sectors Tri State focuses specifically on, but past investments include healthcare, IT products and services, energy, and consumer products. The firm believes funding is lacking for early-stage entrepreneurs and looks to bridge the gap.

8. ARC Angel Fund

ARC Angel Fund is a member-led fund that invests in early-stage companies with high-growth potential. All members of the group are able to actively participate in funding rounds or personally invest alongside the fund. Most of the focus of ARC is on software, IT, internet, tech-enabled services, and digital media.

9. SoundBoard Angel Fund

SoundBoard invests in early-stage companies and has a diverse range of investors who each bring their own perspectives and insights into the decision-making process. The fund has a collaborative approach with entrepreneurs and looks to underserved geographies for their investments.

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