Want to start a business in Alabama?

This page is dedicated to the best resources for starting a business in Alabama.

Register Your Alabama Business

Think of your business entity like the engine of a car. Depending on the kind of engine you have, you'll be able to go down different terrains and operate at different speeds. The business entity you choose will impact the legal protection you have, the taxes you pay and more. Choose wisely!

Alabama LLC

If you're wanting the most small business friendly structure with more flexibility and no double taxation, look into this guide.

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Alabama Corporation

If you're wanting a business structure more suited for bigger businesses and raising outside investment, look into this guide.

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Alabama Non-Profit

If you're looking to make a positive social impact, look into this guide.

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Alabama DBA

If you're looking to operate under a name other than their own, look into this guide.

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The Alabama District office of the SBA provides a comprehensive list of business assistance and guides to help you start a small business. In keeping with the mission of the SBA, the Alabama District office provides valuable materials on how to start and manage a business, information on loans and grants for business financing, the basics of contracting, and local events and assistance to help you get started. Aside from this, the Alabama District Office also grants you access to business templates and tools for free.


As a government agency that concerns with aspects of the state’s economic state and development, the Alabama Chamber of Commerce is an information hub for resources related to business, business networking opportunities, and other important business-related information that is useful for entrepreneurs.


Whether you want to start a business, grow it, or find the perfect funding for it, you can rely on the Alabama Small Business Development Center to provide you with the right resources and tools. With seasoned advisors and business counselors, the Alabama SBDC provides an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs to start their business on the right footing even without extensive business background or experience.


With the biggest aim to assist the women of Alabama start their business and make it progress to create economic growth within the state, the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama serves as the premier resource of all business-related information. With full access to these resources and a solid mentoring support, the Women’s Business Center can achieve its goals and develop the small business industry in North Alabama.


What’s more important than a wealth of business-related resource than the Alabama Secretary of State? The Alabama Secretary of State’s office/website should be your number one go-to regardless the kind of business you are starting or the nature of your operations. The SOS’s office is the perfect resource to get started since this is where all rules and regulations come from when it comes to the establishment of your business.


With the commitment to provide total assistance to small businesses, SCORE features a lineup of assistance programs and resources encompassing all stages of the startup process to get you started. SCORE offers free business counseling with volunteer mentors all across the country, all certified professionals in their field of expertise. Business workshops and online trainings provided for free or at a very cheap fee are also provided by SCORE. Online access to tools, templates, and guides are also provided by SCORE.


SBDC is the country’s most comprehensive business assistance network for small enterprises. It is the primary goal of the SBDC to assist new entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a business and to help existing businesses stay competitive and relevant in the industry. No-cost one-on-one mentoring and low-cost workshops and trainings are regularly provided by the SBDC through its local center and affiliates. This is an excellent resource.


Angel.co is the perfect place to go if you need business financing through an angel investor. This resource provides you with a list of available angel investors in the state of Alabama and the number of investments made by that particular angel investor.


A part of the program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, the Alabama Launchpad has helped a number of businesses grow and thrive in the state. To funding resources, business workshops and conferences, the Alabama Launchpad has lined up a steady stream of business assistance services to help Alabama startups.


Investor Day gets together both entrepreneurs and investors to connect them and foster an opportunity to grow startups and start new businesses. A host of activities are lined up including speed hatching. In speed hatching, entrepreneurs have the chance to meet investors from various industries and present their startups.


The Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial Center is a startup incubator that assists startup service companies as well as light manufacturing enterprises with turnkey office space and business coaching. It is the goal of NAEC to provide these resources to boost the progress of home grown companies. NAEC is situated in Calhoun County, Alabama and serves the surrounding areas as well.