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How to Choose the Best Online Incorporation Service

How to Choose the Best Online Incorporation Service

Choosing the best online incorporation provider is going to bog you down something fierce, costing buckets of time, headaches, cups of coffee, headaches, and late night research.

Or, you could just listen to what I have to tell you in this little article.

Ryan James here by the way, Founder of Startup Savant. I actually built this website to help myself navigate the red tape jungles of incorporation. It was half therapeutic and half self-education then turned into an amazing tool for a huge community of entrepreneurs.

Let me guess…

Great, here’s an easy 3-step plan that should help you get your business incorporated within the next 60 days max. Sound good?

Thought so, let’s begin, and I’ll save you tons of time right off the bat.

Step 1) Choose IncFile

Boom. There, now that’s taken care of. IncFile is considered by myself, my team, tons of our readers, and many thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to be the best online incorporation service.


Their support teams for starters. Their zillions of 5-star reviews and testimonials. Their platform is easy to use and navigate (user-friendly). And hey, let’s face it, they provide arguably the most value for the most affordable price. So if you don’t want to spend a bunch of time investigating all the many providers out there, go with them! You won’t regret it. That’s our honest opinion.

Step 2) Fully Investigate Their Add-Ons & Perks

IncFile has tons to help boost the entrance of any startup or small-biz into the marketplace. If you want to make it really easy, just give’em a call. Their reps are so nice to talk to and they’ll help you quickly ascertain which package, add-ons, and perks will benefit your platform (and budget) the most. Here’s a few that make life so much easier!

They also have one of the best turnaround times in the industry, whether you’re aiming to set up a corporation or a sleek LLC. This is very appealing to many entrepreneurs, especially those in a hurry.

Step 3) Pick a Package and Move Forward

Here’s a screenshot from their website that shows where you’ll get started along with pricing:

IncFile Best Online Incorporation Service

Chances are Gold will be just fine for your needs, or if you’re really on a shoestring budget then go for Silver. Platinum is also an incredible offer, but don’t forget this is the sticker price before you add state filing fees.

Regardless, as you’ll soon see their prices are outstanding. Many business lawyers charge these kind of rates per hour! You’ll be wondering why you put it off for as long as you did. Doesn’t matter, onward and upward.

Time to Get Past the Small Stuff

Thanks to companies like IncFile setting your brand up for true success and protecting your assets doesn’t take a year and tons of capital. Will you need a lawyer?

Perhaps. IncFile isn’t a law office, it’s a service that charges fair rates for the platform they’ve built and the system they’ve designed that gets entrepreneurs up and running and legit with the state/federal government in less than 60 days.

Visit IncFile Or IncFile Review

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